Thursday, 16 May 2013

Share the Love V.8

As usual, just a short list of some blogs I've been loving super dooper lots lately and I think you should check out! :)
Of course the reason I love these are because the ladies that run them are lovely people, put alot of time and effort into their posts and the blogs are so pretty and creative! Make sure to leave them some love and tell them I sent you ;)

First up is Oh! Leona. Catchy blog name, cute as hell profile picture and quality content that isn't just the same old, same old. With alot of the same tastes as me, and an email address like she has, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy your time over there. You have to visit her blog even if it's just to read
her engagement story anyway, my goodness she has a keeper!

This one's for the crafty women out there. My favorite posts on (supremely lovely) Anna's blog have to be the themed Etsy Finds lists - such as this totally rad Harry Potter one and the 'What's Been Occurring Wednesday's due to my nosy tenancies to know what life is like outside my own four walls haha.
However I still find myself intrigued by all the DIY tutorials even though I don't do any crafting myself anymore. Why not check out her cute Etsy store if that's your thing :)

You're probably thinking you know why I love 'Floral and Feather' just from the image above (My bird obsession), that's just the start of it. Beautiful photos of beautiful places as well as excellent photography from places to visit, the images cheer me up and makes me feel included when I'm missing being able to visit such lovely places too. Once we move THIS will be one of the first things I test my oven out with too...

Okay, so excited that I was able to re-find this to add to this Share the Love. I usually write a list in a word document of links I wanna include but my heads all over the place just now and I failed at that. So anyways, the last 45mins have been a manhunt to re-discover which blog it was that I'd spotted what I wanna talk about - puppies! Oh my goodness, I just recently stumbled upon this blog to this particular post and fell in love. Those that know my Baker B, he is a Border Collie cross and the reason I love the breed is my Granda was a Shepard  These puppy photos just reminded me of my Granda's pups when I was a kid and I couldn't not follow. Hannah doesn't have too many posts just yet but I'm looking forward to many more awesome animal snaps! 

Last but not least is an 'honorable mention' for Doctor Meow! Who I want to thank very, very much for including me in their Liebster Award nominations. (I am no longer doing anymore of these as I've had a few in the past but I can't tell you how lovely it feels to have someone pick you for their list! :D) Another newish blog but full of inspiration and worth a checking out. :)
If you'd like to read my past blog awards click here

I hope you head over to all the people above and spend some time exploring their domains. Leave them some love in a little comment please <3


  1. You, lady, are awesome! Thank you for including me :) xx

  2. I second the notion of checking out Leona's blog! I'll defo be checking out the other lovelies above too :)

  3. Oh you are sweet :) I will be popping along to visit these other fab ladies :) xxx