Sunday, 12 May 2013

Where Did My Blog Go!?

So as you may of noticed if you are a perceptive person or an actual follower of this here blog it's changed a little...

 And not for the first time either. You see I seem to have commitment issues when it comes to design. I like to add and subtract and mix it up quite alot. From the beginning of 'Once Upon A Time...' formally at 2 years ago it was constantly evolving with many different looks. Not the starting point, but here is how you might remember this blog...

From this,

to this,
 And I now welcome you to this!!

'Underland to Wonderland' is the new persona of my little world and has become so for many reasons, the main of which being that I wanted the url and blog name to match. Obviously with the old name it wouldn't of made the best url hence hunting for a new one!
A hat tilt to the magical world I'd admire so much and a good representation of my life situations I think :)

With a new name must come a new look and goodness have I spent alot of time on it. I do design, create and code all of my own stuff from scratch and think I am reasonably happy with how it has turned out so far.
I'd really love for your opinions as you do have to look at it and navigate around it. Constructive criticism is welcomed but telling me how lovely it is would be better. Just joking :)

I lost a big chunk of followers with the url switch as Blog Lovin' is poop and doesn't let you just update the web address but hey ho, I hope to connect with those people and more all over again. I have met so many beautiful people during the last couple of months and would like to thank them for their support.
It may just be a quick comment on a post or a re-tweet on twitter but when your life only consists of housework, walking the dog and blogging it's a big happiness meter boost! Uh, this is starting to get mushy!
See ya guys, remember to let me know what you think!! :D


  1. Your blog is really pretty, I've designed a few blogs myself (including my own about 50 times, I also like to change a lot lol) so appreciate how much time and effort goes it to get it looking good. I think you've done an amazing job. I found your new blog link from x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah it takes alot of time and I'm not even doing it for others like you. Must take alot of patience haha.

      Really appreciate your comment :)

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. :) It's actually a nice way to discover more blogs. :) Hope you take part. :)

    Details here:

  3. I like the new blog update and followed on bloglovin too!


    1. Thanks so much Phil, I really appreciate it! :)

  4. I love the new blog hunnee!! I especially like the little toadstools on the buttons!! Keep up the awesome work chick xxx

  5. Love the new design, especially the purple disney bird! I've just added your updated button, was about to do the one for you but looks like you've already done it - thank you! xx

    1. Awesome! I'm happy that people like it :D
      And I've kind of adopted that bird seeing as I have them tattooed on my chest. They crop up all over my house.


  6. Just peeking rite now but I'm happy I dropped by - I feel I really like your blog, your blog seems really refreshing and unique :) Deffo coming back :)
    x, Lara

    Ps. All of those banner are lovely but really love the bird.. therefore cannot decide if I prefer the 1st or 3rd :D Both so pretty :)

  7. sucks that you lost followers over something like that, hopefully you'll gain them all back XD
    I like the new name and how it rhymes nicely :D and the layout is great too, its not really distracting which is good as it allows the content of your blog to be the main focus :D great work! xx