Saturday, 1 June 2013

Cuteness Overload V.10

While doing my regular, procrastinatory (yeah its a word, well now it is) rounds of the social networks, I came across something strange. Something that wasn't uneducated fools slating the British government nor teenage single mothers complaining about their baby daddy. It wasn't even an album full of partially dressed people in a scorching hot country...okay maybe I did see that too :(

What I'm trying to build up to is this video. One of the rare, yet genuine and heartwarming stories sprinkled across the scary world of the interwebs. Of course it's about an animal.

It's unlike me to actually click play on a video through Facebook as I'm a devout YouTuber and don't trust that Facebook won't physically infect my laptop with viruses, but looking at the comments I had to.

Please watch the full thing, it's less than 8 minutes and well worth it.

If you don't cry at it you must have a heart of stone as I sobbed like a baby, though my very own best friend and super pup came the the rescue with his overwhelming adorableness as always and licked my tears away!!

Now don't just say 'Aww, how cute' and then exit the video. Head to the website of these heroes and see for yourself the astounding amount of work they have done. Watch other videos of great rescues and most of all please show them your support. This would usually classify as a Charity Spotlight here but the gentleness of Rosie and the beauty of her pups just had to make them and their story this months Cuteness Overload!

As I've now subscribed to the YouTube channel I thought I'd include another video that touched me. Maybe not so cute to begin with but an amazing story of a beautiful eyed dog who's smile after her transformation is as cute as they get.

Hope for Paws is a non-profit organization and your donations mean the world to animals like Rosie and her pups. Sparing any spare cash always helps and if you can't donate, spread the word by tweeting, facebooking and generally spamming the world with their website link!

Thanks guys, go spread smiles and share love.<3


  1. Oh my god, I have never seen anything as amazing as this!! What an amazing mum! Rosie is adorable and I wish someone could take her and her pups all under one roof! Seriously, thank-you for showing us this video because it has made me so happy that Rosie and her pups got the help and love they needed. There are still good people in this world!!x

    1. She was an amazing natured dog eh? I couldn't believe how calm and lovely she was, especially with having puppies.
      It's defiantly things like this that need more attention in the media to show that the good people are out there. I wanna be that man when I grow up! lol

    2. I hope they gave her so much praise for being so naturally brilliant! I'm still putting all of my hopes on to the idea that they may find an owner who has space for all of them! She put so much effort into caring for those little guys it would be such a shame for them to be separated!x

  2. no words.... just tears.

    Watching that made me more certain than ever to be a foster mummy to cats and dogs. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be donating to them. <3

    1. Lots of tears here too!
      Aw I'm glad to hear that. :D

  3. Thanks for making me cry over my Sunday morning cup of coffee! I am a former dog owner and animal lover and these types of stories touch home. We need more great organizations like this.

    1. Aw bless you Phil! Didn't think men would shed a tear over such things. Nice to hear someone else passionate about it too. Adopt not buy is the main point. There are so many amazing dogs that need homes yet people continue to over breed to make money :(


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