Saturday, 22 June 2013

How To - Cruelty Free Hair Colouring

On my quest to become completely animal testing free I have been experimenting with other ways to continue and hide my natural hair colour!
Since middle school I have dyed my hair. It's been bright red, blonde, bright orange, green, teal, purple, brown, black and all variations of those together. Safe to say I'm not a fan of what I was born with... However I have stuck with the basic black for the past year and a half or so therefor only needing to top up my roots every 8 weeks or so.

I'd seen in store and online about Lush's Henna hair dyes and thought I'd give them a bash, Lush being a well used and respected brand in my house. I was delighted when my Mam turned up with a sample that the lovely assistant from the Eldon Square store had sent her away with after loving how into promoting animal welfare I was :)

So this post is an easy step by step, how to use it and what I thought! Enjoy.

What you will need:
- Heat Proof Bowl
- Pan
- Wooden Spoon
- Gloves
- Cling Film (Optional depending on desired tone)
- Vaseline/Substitue
- And of course Lush's Henna in Colour of your choice!

And this is what to do!
1. Cut up your block to the amount you will need. (I only used a tiny bit as I have very thin hair and it was just to cover my roots.)
2. Cover it in boiling water and stir.
3. Place the heat proof bowl and henna over a pan of boiling water and melt until the desired consistency, similar to double cream.
4.Make sure all lumps of the block and melted and mixture is smooth.
5. Grab one of your boyfriends old T-shirts so as not to stain your duds!
6. Pull on some super sexy gloves.
7. Apply 'vasaline' to the hair line just as you would when using normal dyes - it'll help prevent those lovely after dye marks.
8. Apply to sections of your hair, starting from the root.

Sorry for the yucky close up but it was just to demonstrate colour difference!
After you have covered all of your roots/hair you can either wrap your hair in cling film for a redder finished tone or leave it to chill out freestyle for a brown-er end result. You need to leave the mixture at least an hour to develop before rinsing it out but the longer you leave it the better!

Now maybe this is where I fudged up. I left it for an hour and 3/4's but unfortunately it barely made a difference. Had I left it on longer that may of been a different story as I defiantly followed all directions as strictly as Hermione Granger in Potions class. Maybe my hair colour and roots were just far to different. Who knows! It at least left it shiny but I think I'll have to stick to Directions Vegan hair colours for the time being.

Have you tried Lush Henna? How does it work for you?

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