Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I Wish, List V.14

An accidental theme occurred while compiling this list, can you tell? Such a surprising theme it is too. Not!
I've given up on internet 'window' shopping  and indeed real life window shopping because let's face it we are no where near being able to treat ourselves to more than a pizza.
Anyway, it's still good to dream or so it says tattooed behind my ear, meaning trawling the internet for a half dozen items I could use in my life to include in these monthly lists.

I'm gonna do a complete post on my Disney collection soon so look out for that, but there is always room for my Disney in my life!

#1 This is a collectible Mickey and Friends Snow Globe and after looking at the collection numerous times I've decided I need them all. Pretty pricey compared to the Mickey in London globe I already have but as I said, it's good to dream.
#2 Alwaayyys on the hunt for more Disney T-Shirts and this Aviator Mickey T is so unique. Old style Mickey is my fav too.
#3 Seeing as I've started (well I've been once) going back to the swimming pool and sauna I thought I'd have a Google of Disney bikinis. Etsy came up trumps as always and this Little Mermaid Bow Bandeau Top is awesome!
#4 As for the Micky Mouse Watch, I've never been a watch wearer. However, my phone recently disappeared and it's what I used to check the time - all the time. Now I don't know the time!
#5 The Minnie Mouse Big Face Cushion is probably the most impractical of all of the above, I just want it to sit next to the Mickey version I already have sat on our bed.
#6 Last but not least, Walt Disney - His Life In Pictures would be pride of our coffee table book selection alongside my Game Of Thrones book, The History of the World and UFC Encyclopedia once I actually get the last one oh and a coffee table.