Sunday, 2 June 2013

Inked and Awesome - Brandi from Missouri

Name: Brandi
Age: 26
Location: Missouri

How old were you when you got your first tattoo and what was it?
I've wanted to get tattoos since I was like 10, but like so many, I was 18 when I got my first tattoo. There wasn't a shop in town that would touch me before then even with my moms permission. 
My best friend died in a car accident when I was 17, so for my first tattoo I have a scroll on the top of my right wrist with his name inside of it.

What is your employment status/occupation and do your tattoos affect it?
I am employed as a sales associate at a convenience store. They kind of affect it. I have to wear a long sleeve while I’m at work and I can’t have any of my piercings showing, but they don’t mind too much about the tattoos on my hands or the few that are on my neck when my hair’s up.

What is your favorite piece? What is the meaning behind it?
My all-time favorite piece that I have is a portrait of my daughter on my right thigh. She is my world so I couldn't say no when the artist said he would only charge me $200 for an 8x10 portrait.

Do you have a favorite artist who you go back to or do you collect different artists work? Why?
Once I find a good artist, I generally stay loyal to one artist. I do have quite a few artists’ work on me though. Right now I go to Royal Ink Tattoo and Piercing in Republic, Mo. There are a lot of reasons to stay loyal to an artist. You definitely get better deals the more work that you get from the same person, but you also have the ability to get more of a flow in your work. Me personally, most of my tattoos don’t really fit with general flow.

Have you faced any specific discrimination due to being tattooed?
Of course. I live in the “bible belt” so I get a lot of funny looks every day. I think about the worst though, I was in Wal-Mart one day getting groceries. I was wearing a tank top and shorts, so of course, all my ink was showing. A woman in the aisle literally pulled her two kids as far away from me as possible and said “See kids, that’s what happens when you do drugs”. 

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  1. It's amazing the discrimination towards those with tattoos. It's so stupid to me. It's art. It's a way of expressing one's self. Many of my friends have them. It's dumb how even a convenience store has these silly rules.

  2. oh no!! thats horrible! "thats what happens when you do drugs" lol?? hahahaha wtf. cute daughter though!!

    - sarah -