Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's My Life - I've Just Done the Most Stressful Thing...

...Moved house! Yep. The 31st of May we packed up (well for the full fortnight beforehand I tackled all the packing) and shifted our little family into the big bad city.
As close to the city as I can tolerate actually...haha. We are less than 2 miles from Northumberland Street, Newcastle, have amazing views of the river Tyne and it's famous bridges as well as having a big garden and being near lovely parks, one of our main priorities for little Mr Baker B - best of both worlds!

Since moving from my hometown (after circumstances that are to be addressed in an upcoming post), to my aunties in North Shields, a friends sofa and then finally our place by the sea we've
never been 100% happy. We both had a real hard time before finally finding true love and friendship (cue eyes rolling and puking gestures) in each other and from day one we loved living with each other. To begin with adored our little flat too but structural and maintenance issues causing us to live without a back staircase, my breathing issues worsening and eventually becoming on bad terms with the landlord made it just a roof over our head rather than a home.
Safe to say we needed out, not only for our health and happiness but for better chances of finding work now that my little car has gone as well.

Though, all of this wouldn't of been possible if I wasn't lucky enough to have such a supportive parental unit. If traveling the 60miles to Newcastle and then trawling the countless estate agents who all turned their noses up as soon as the words 'pet' and 'dss' were mentioned wasn't enough, they have also largely helped us in kitting out a unfurnished place with our first basic appliances and a bed!! Think what you want, call me spoiled, but I truly cannot express my gratitude for this and know that not all parents would do this.
I have worked from the age of 15 and payed my way since then, not that that justify's a 22 year old getting hand outs from her parents at all but I hope it will help you realize how bad I feel having to rely on them at this age.

Anyway, after the stressful few days of packing the last of our stuff, the actual moving of possessions to the new residence and sorting all the boring, adult, serious things out we are getting to the point where we can relax and settle in. Recent posts have been mainly pre-written and online activity limited - obviously this is the reason, but if you've moved yourself I'm sure you'll understand. :)
I'll no doubt post a few more photos as the place becomes more homely. Thanks to all who have left lovely comments and messages via the blog, facebook or twitter!


  1. Danielle all we do is because we love you and you deserve this help and the one good thing that has come out of you leaving your dad and me in Berwick due a certain bastard is that now you have a fab little family unit NEVER EVER feel guilty as thats what we are here for if we can't support you then WHAT!!! so enjoy your new flat and now you will put your own special touch on it to make it your own ok much love as always mum xxxx

  2. Just know that every living human being has been there - moving has to be one of the most stressful things ever! And while it's not something many people talk about publicly, know that we all could use a hand when getting anywhere in life. It's so lovely that your parents could and wanted to help out. I moved into my own place recently and couldn't have done it without the kindness of others. Good luck settling in, look forward to pictures of your new home.
    Hugs from LA,

  3. You shouldn't need to justify getting help from your parents! I know that no matter how hard I argued my parents would force me to let them help me... That's just what parents do! They are always there in times of need especially!

    I hope you guys are happy in your new home :) xx

  4. Danielle, we all need a hand nopw and then. I am so glad my parents were there in my time of need. Even though I also fought with them about it and didn't see eye to eye on so many things. We all need a support systems at the start and then things get better from there. Be happy that they are around and care so much. Good luck on your new place!

  5. Thank's to all of you guys for such nice comments. I guess that is what parents are for and it's natural to feel guilty.
    I just feel so lucky to have the parents I do and appreciate everything so much!

  6. Moving house is so stressful! Hope you're settling in x