Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Opinions Of A Housewife - 'Who Run The World? Kids!'

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Following on from this years recent Britain's Got Talent finale, I thought my ear biting's towards Jake merited their own opinions post.
Now if you are against the British Pride way of thinking and adore children you may aswell click that little red cross button because this is a rant all about those things!

Just like alot of the talent competitions on TV, every year is the same and every year I say, just like hundreds of others, that I'll not be watching next year after a controversial result. This year is no different, but of course  unless the makers of Lost bring me something just as captivating as my favorite TV show of all time to fill my evenings, I'll resort to BGT again.

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My main gripe with the format of this show inparticular is the kids. And no, not for the same reason as everyone else worried how much pressure is put on them. What annoys me is that everyone bows down to them for fear of making a child cry or upsetting the parents. The judges are way softer and put through less talented acts which is just not fair.
Yes, I'm not a fan of kids anyways but that's not the reason for the above statement. I was genuinely gutted for many acts who lost out in the semi finals at the hand of the judges and the public. Unlike class acts such as Aaron Crow (my complete favorite of the series!) and Steve Hewlett, these are baby's with their whole lives to improve and enter the industry, everything about the situation infuriates me.
But hold on, put yourself in the shoes of the parents for a sec and please tell me you'd be proud of a 6 year old thrusting dirty dance moves and acting like a teen, 11 year old and having the attitude of a diva, no? Me neither...

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Considering all of that I am soo stunned that it wasn't actually a child act that won! I am even more, how to put it, appalled(?) that the British public actually spent their money voting for an act that aren't British to win Britians Got Talent though!!! Not to take it away from the act, that was a very original and amazingly portrayed but why should non-Brits be allowed to compete in competition with such a name?
Another talent show called 'The World's Got Talent' needs created, haway Simon - you've got the power!

Gotta end on a positive to subside my anger before heading to bed so I just wanna give a huge shout out to the acts from the final who I think should of won.

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What are you're views on the subject? Were you happy with who won? Do you even watch BGT??


  1. Totally agree with you on the whole "you should be from Britain to take part". I don't mean EDL style YOU MUST BE BRITISH AND ONLY BRITISH. You should live in Britain! Not come over from Bulgaria or wherever to take part in the competition! It's called Britain's got talent for crying out loud!

    I'm sure it was last year that a group entered and they said "we don't have this in our country..." Tough titties!x

    1. Haha Exactly, it's not our fault their countries don't have it. Go enter France has got talent or something, why Britain's? Because it gives them more 'free advertising' on a larger platform thats why! Grrr. ha x

  2. I'm also in agreement! I wouldn't mind as much if they are originally from a different country but they should at least be based in Britain to take part. It kinda makes it look like we have no talent if someone British doesn't win, but we had plenty of brilliant acts on this year!

  3. Show is a manipulated fix. They put the acts on last they want to win & give them extensive media coverage. Would have liked Steve to have won myself. Simon hypes up acts like the Irish lad because he knows teen girls will vote for him and it'll make him money then gives other singers bad songs (the two girls' songs were in wrong key for them) so they won't win.

  4. Completely agree about people entering who aren't British, especially when they have the show in their own country. That's the main reason I didn't watch this year x


  5. Agreed! The kids thing bugs me sooo much haha, it should be judged on talent only!

  6. Completely agree! Too many children.
    I'm so glad you mentioned the 6 year olds busting out dirty dance moves, I thought it was just me seeing things.
    And as for that 11 year old 'diva', one of her idols being Rhianna (of all people, really?!) I'd be cringing if my daughter acted like that. xx

  7. There are too many of these shows now and I can't even watch them here in the States now. I think you are onto something with The World's Got Talent. Better trademark it before Simon steals your idea!