Thursday, 13 June 2013

Out and About - Discovering with Daddy.

So I guess you'll of been aware of the beautiful sunshine-y day's we've been having the past week or so?
Well seeing as we've missed out on a couple due to housework and general new house DIYs, we thought to take advantage for at least one day and what better place than to introduce Jake to than Heaton Park.

A mere 20 minute walk, if you're not snaking up and down the avenues in search for a shop that stocks a certain drink, it's one of those gorgeous places that help you forget the view from our back garden.

Obviously hot days call for lots of hydration, most importantly for our little dark furred baby who just soaks up the sun. Usually he would just drink out of a bottle of water but he has such a lovely Granny who bought him a brand new fold up bowl that we tried out. It was a hit!
While resting after our 2 or so mile walk, I was on the hunt for some birdies as always, but all that seems to be around lately are the pretty Gold Finches.

I had to include a not-so-attractive photo of Baker mid run with drool streaming alongside him haha as well as the native Newcastle sigil; a Magpie and one of the fun shots taken for an upcoming OOTD....ooohh!

Cheeky Jake then mooned me and didn't believe I was gonna actually post it on the blog, however I did allow him to save some modesty and shielded his cheeks from all your innocent eyes!
Finally, while Mammy was off getting snap happy the boys had another little rest - lazy bums. The excuse for the not so happy expression from the mouth of the 'horse' himself is that his tash is so long it looks like a sad face....

Apologies that it's been such a long time since my last 'Out and About' post and sorry also that it's again nothing too exciting. If you've read the new 'About Me' you'll be aware why.
Hope you enjoy the photos from our day none the less, thank you for being here :)


  1. Beautiful photos! I just love being out and about. Baker is beautiful even with the drool haha. xx

    1. Thank you! Aww he is rather cute but I'm bias, I'll tell him you said so :) ha x

  2. I'm in love with your pictures. The one of Jake drinking, the cute little finch, the flowers, Jake looking up at mommy, wondering what you are up to... they are amazing!
    Not to mention your man mooning us, too funny!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like them.
      I wish Jake was the one looking up at me haha but that's Baker :P lol


  3. nice photos!! awww my old dog jedi, looks just like urs!! i miss him so much. boo~ this place is really pretty btw. its so nice that you have such a pretty garden area to come to and bring your dog! :D

    - sarah -

  4. You always take great photos. I like the one where you are upside down. Your pup is looking at you wondering what the heck you are doing.

    Also, I am down in Orlando this week and it's in the mid 90's all week! Even too hot to go to Disney!

  5. you really make beautiful photos :)