Saturday, 29 June 2013

Share The Love V.9 - Bloggers With Pets!

As you can tell by the title of this post, this is no regular 'Share the Love' post! While having a hard time finding new blogs that I loved and wanted to shout out, I decided to put a call out via twitter to find other bloggers that had extra special pets. Well the response I had was better than expected and in the process I found a few lovely new blogs to follow as well as enough mini interviews to fill two posts! 

Make sure to check each one of these guys blogs out as I can guarantee you will love them all as much as I do - they are fab! Oh and why don't you leave them each a cheeky comment telling them I sent you? ;)
Anyways, here is part one...enjoy!

I’m Shannon, an aspiring journalist and I blog over at

1. Who is your furry friend? Name, age, breed.
Rocky is a 10 year old, 14hh bay gelding New Forest Pony. Although I’m fairly sure that he should have been a mare; he definitely has stroppy girl days. I’m not even sure that he should be a New Forest either as they are meant to be sure-footed which if the amount of times that Rocky trips over every day is anything to go by he is not.
2. How did Rocky join your family?
Rocky kind of stumbled into my life as opposed to any kind of planning for him to be there. I had to sell my old mare Willow as she needed to be retired and we didn't have the space or the money to keep her (although if I had she wouldn't have gone anywhere). It was after Willow had gone that I found myself without a pony and Rocky, the newest riding school pony and the fattest resident at the yard, found himself needing to be ridden. Nearly two years down the line and we are still putting up with each other.
3. How did you pick their name?
 I didn't find Rocky until he was eight years old and so by then he had already been given his name. However this didn't stop the nicknames flowing in. It was actually my best friend who gave him the name Balby (short for Rocky Balboa) and he had been given this before we had even got him into the lorry to bring him home. It has kind of stuck since then. Although he also goes by many other names including chubby, fatty, chunk...are you seeing the trend yet? He is definitely a pony that likes to hold his weight, regardless of how much work he is in but I promise you is he very fit beneath that belly of his!
4. What is Rocky' favorite thing to do/play with?
His favourite thing to do has got to be the opposite of whatever it is that I want him to do. I think this stems from the whole mother/son relationship. He quite frequently acts like a stroppy little child and this results in mum (me) getting frustrated before he finally gives in and does whatever it is that he was meant to be doing in the first place. If he could laugh at that point I think he would because he definitely does it on purpose just to annoy me! 
Aside him this he loves a good gallop, he jumps very well and food (no matter what it is) is always a top priority for him!
5. What part do they play within your blog?
Without Rocky I don’t think this blog would even exist. I started it up as when I first took him on as my own he was a very difficult pony to deal with, especially in comparison to my exceptionally well behaved pony Willow and this blog gave me a place to vent about him. A few months down the line though and we were finally starting to click. Since then My Beautiful Bay has become somewhere not to just record the bad days but the good too, in a way it has become more of a diary and it is lovely to look back and see how far we have come together. 

Hey I'm Beca of Those Moments Of Serendipity, and I'm a relatively new blogger that posts a lot on beauty but I also love myself a bit of lifestyle blogging and I've even started vlogging my summer!

1. Who is your furry friend? Name, age, breed.
My sweetie is Molly, my 17 year old, tabby and white, long haired kitty.
2. How did Molly join your family?
Molly joined me alongside her sister when I was 2 and had became totally besotted with cats. Though her sister Minnie was in an accident when she was 5 Molly has stuck with us and still looks like she's a kitten!
3. How did you pick their name?
Apparently I named Minnie first as I was in my Minnie Mouse phase and loved the idea of two M-Named cats, Molly came from that.
4. What is Molly's favorite thing to do/play with?
Molly is a typical lazy cat and loves her sleep but she also especially loves chasing string and rolling around in the grass in the summer.
5. What part do they play within your blog?
Though Molly doesn't feature on my blog she provides a lot of writing company and much needed procrastination when I've got a spot of writers block.

Hi!  I'm Karen and you'll find me over at, a blog about my life and loves with a sprinkling of vintage, craft, and thrifting!

1. Who is your furry friend? Name, age, breed.
My little furbaby is Panda Amos Starchild and he's a 17 week old guinea pig.
2. How did Panda join your family? 
I went to Pets At Home one day with my Mum, who was buying food for Barney, the family smooth-haired guinea pig.
I had absolutely no intention of getting a pet, but I love animals, so I was happily watching them all when something clicked and I was starting to seriously consider it. I went back a couple of times and one day I spotted this tiny, wild-haired cutie and knew he was the one for me!
3. How did you pick his name?
His name was chosen pretty much decided as soon as I saw him.  He has the colours of a panda, the muttonchop sideburns of Amos Brearly from the TV show Emmerdale, and the markings of Starchild from Kiss, it was as simple as that!
4. What is Panda's favorite thing to do/play with?
Panda loves picnics, especially with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and apples, and he loves to get his back rubbed. If you do it the right way, he vibrates like a phone and purrs!
5. What part does he play within your blog?
Panda has his own blog-within-a-blog, The Panda Diaries. It's great to keep track of how he's changing and I love reading about people's pets in the comments! He also loves to pose for the camera, so he adds some charisma too!

To be continued...


  1. Thanks so much for featuring molly and me, I look forward to reading more about bloggers and pets :) xxx

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