Saturday, 15 June 2013

What's Going On? - Fathers Day

Tomorrow is a day without much real history other than it's origin being the US and the reason for its initiation was only to complement Mothers Day. How bad is that?! If anything I think it should be the other way around; the man being the pivotal role in the household after all.
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I suppose with so many single parent families and young mothers these day's, the fathers end up getting a bad rap and the amazing Dad's out there taken for-granted which upsets me :(.

The best example is actually the exact story behind the special day. Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman born in Arkansas, told her pastor her thoughts on fathers also having a day to celebrate them after hearing his sermon on mothers day. She originally suggested her own fathers birth date, June 5th, dedicating the day to him, William Jackson Smart, a man who was a single lone parent of 6 children and a Civil War Veteran!! 
With not enough time to prepare for the first celebration the pastors dubbed the third Sunday in June Father's day, the introduction being June 19th 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

With an unsuccessful time in becoming a nationally recognized holiday for many years, it was finally made permanent in 1972 by President Richard Nixon. That is a very long time from the first talkings of it unfortunately.

Now these 'What's Going On?' posts are meant to educate people on the history behind certain holidays and facts on world events, today is different though and I want to get onto the main reason for this post, My Dad. 

Literally the most fitting recipient of any of the cheesy 'Worlds Greatest Dad' merchandise and  if you've read any posts that he's mentioned in you will understand why he's so amazing. I think the 3 of us have always been a very tight knit family unit, minus my awful stint during highschool but that's beside the point as now we are closer than ever.`
These photos make me so happy and thankful of all the lovely things we've done over the years, especially Dad in my hat from Disneyland haha! I really want to make an effort however to get some updated photos of us together as the last I could find was a holiday snap circa 2009..(see above).
There really isn't much more I can say about how much I appreciate having both a mother and a father and not only their support but friendship means the world to me.
I know you don't read all of my posts, but if you're reading this - I love you Dad. Thank you to the moon and back <3


  1. thanks darl that was good of you .love you lots dadxxx

  2. Love you to the moon and back too, you are our world and we miss you everyday and we value our time with you when we come to vist. We are also sooo proud of you and the strong person you have become always aim high and NEVER EVER doubt yourself you are a better person than a lot i can name so don't let people judge you.Be yourself as that is the person we both love so much :D

  3. OUTSIDE FIRST SCHOOL! The more photos I see of you, and now the one of your dad, the more I recognise you! Crazy how I always think this place is so small and now you're the second blogger i've found from here.

    Amy x

  4. Sounds like your dad is a cool guy! Hope you all enjoyed the day together.