Saturday, 20 July 2013

Charity Spotlight V.8

I've been planning on doing a post surround this charity or similar charities for a long time but when a certain news website story popped up on my Facebook timeline I knew the time was right now.

The charity is Help for Heroes and although I have no service men in my family I feel very strongly about the brave, selfless, amazing people who have risked their lives for their countries.
That being said and if you have read my 'If I Were President' post, you'll know that alongside the elderly I think ex-soldiers etc need to be way better looked after by our governments than they are.

The news story in particular that hit a nerve was that of Christian Nock. He is an ex-soldier turned B&B owner who is now homeless after the collapse of his business. The most touching part of his story however is that for the past 344 days (at the time of writing this post) he has been walking the complete coastline of Britain, sleeping 'rough' every night of his journey, in the name of raising funds and awareness for Help for Heroes.

Above is a short news story from the Sky Tyne and Wear website (the full article is here) which gives a little insight into his time so far and where he's been staying while in my area. To support or offer a place to stay for Christian (remember only gardens and sheds etc) go 'like' his Facebook page and keep up to date with his travels.
You can also donate to his sponsor page HERE.

Thank you to all service people for all you do. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this. We should do all we can for the people in the military protecting our countries.