Saturday, 27 July 2013

Cuteness Overload V.11

So I think we're well overdue a cuteness overload don't you?!
Okay then, check out this astounding show of love...

What? You've seen it already. Dang it.

Well yes, I admit this is an old photo and it did the rounds on the social networks a long time ago, going viral and 'causing the subjects, Schoep and John to gather a rather large following.
The photo shows John with his (at the time) 19 year old dog relaxing in Lake Superior so as to ease Schoep's arthritis pains instead of taking vets advice and putting him down. A super-owner I'm sure you'll agree!

Well almost a year ago, after the photo started circulation donations began to pour in. Treatment costs were covered for the poorly pup as well as the 'Schoep Legacy Foundation' raising enough funds to be able to treat up to 40 other dogs like Johns. All from one photograph.

Now comes the lump for your throat.
On the 18th of this month an update of the facebook fan page belonging to the touching pair stated that 'Schoep passed yesterday'. All I can say is a huge well done to John. He gave his baby the best life he could, going out of his way to make sure he was comfortable and reached a brilliant age. As sad as it is 20 year old Schoep is now at peace and has left a lovely legacy behind him.

Now look at these heart wrenching photos of the best dog and daddy duo ever.

All original images sourced here.

My sincerest condolences to John, you are an inspiration to pet owners everywhere.



  1. so sweet thanks I had a good cry What a wonderful man A happier dog there never was

    1. Thanks for commenting :)
      Oh I also had a good cry while compiling the photographs - cannot imagine the pain he is going through right now.
      But I know I am a better dog owner now for knowing his story.

  2. Ahh such moving story and a wonderful duo John is definatly a great dog owner and it did make me cry too well done as i had'nt read this before

  3. It's Beautiful Danielle ...thanks for sharing~ their story will always be shared for generations to come...i started telling my grand babies now... instead of picking up a book to put them to sleep.

  4. I followed this story too and it saddened me when he died. It is a touching story. John sounds like a wonderful caring man and gave Shoep an amazing amount of love. This also brought a tear to my eye.