Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It's My Life - Winner, Winner!

You know how I'm a bird watcher and beach treasure hunter yeah? Well lately I've been getting into the world of metal detecting too! We haven't yet invested in our own detector - that's coming soon - but we've been watching a few different guys on YouTube for the past half a year or so sparking our interest even more.
Back when I was in high school I actually started collecting coins and have a small trove at my parents home including old British currency and European coins from  before the euro came into circulation, so when I saw that one of my favorite detector-ists, Dave of Relic Hunting Scotland, had some pretty sweet coins to giveaway in competitions I had to enter. 
I entered for a couple weeks and never thought anything of it but was way too excited when my name was announced last week!

It was this Churchill coin that caught my eye originally. Not the oldest or rarest, but being a fan of political history and Sir Winston Churchill in particular (along with Abe Lincoln of course) I think it's very cool indeed.
The East India Company Half Anna in the first photograph is from 1845 and is considered pretty rare.
I personally find interest in the old coins purely for the fact to think that someone over 100 years ago also held that coin. It blows my mind! haha

Above is a King George III coin from around 1806! Wow! Pretty worn but for 207 years what can you expect. It's amazing that it's still recognizable to me and it'll be going on display once I finally find a dresser that I like.
As will the items below! A Victorian oil lamp part and Victorian clay pipe part. Amazing eh?!
I also got some awesome (I apologize to all Geordies for using this word on my blog) Sunderland bomber parts from WW2, as well as various lead relics, all of which had me completely mesmerized like a child on Christmas morning while I carefully searched through my package on it's arrival.

I really cannot thank Dave enough for his amazing generosity, not just only for my prize but for his large weekly competitions. It really did make my year to of won anything let alone something so interesting.
If you are into history or metal detecting you really should have a peek at his YouTube channel and subscribe as he has some fascinating videos and super finds!

What do you collect if anything? Would you be interested in seeing some of my other collections...(cough, Disney, cough) ?!

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  1. I also love history and have a love for old articfacts. This is just so cool!