Tuesday, 2 July 2013

JD Photography - Project 365 6/12.

Half way! So the 6th month is over and done with and it also marks the 1 month anniversary living in our new home. I have to say it really has flown. Bakers made friends, we've made friends with our neighbours, which was completely unexpected to ever happen let alone within a month of living here.
We've also accumulated alot more bits and pieces, furniture and stuff than I expected as we were all set for a few months sleeping and sitting on the futon. I can't express my gratitude for having a bed!

The weather has been up and down meaning photos from lovely sunny days one day then rain droplets the next, but that's nothing new for the British summertime. It hasn't stopped us spending time with family and my highlight photo of the month has to be of my cousin Shanelle on her prom night. Keep an eye out here for a post full of photos from that night!

You can check out The Sweetness: 365 by clicking here  and follow it by clicking here. Did you hear that if I reach at least 50 followers by the end of the year I'll do another year?! ...Go on, give me some motivation. :)


  1. We are pretty much having the same summer weather here in NYC. Sounds like your move is working out fine. Keep up the great photography!