Saturday, 13 July 2013

My Soundtrack V. 11

So, trying to live up to my promise that I'd share some of my more diverse music tastes I have been on a hunt to fall in love with some of the bands I've seen live or were in love with in my teens.
I went through Yellowcard, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Long Distance Calling, The Hold Steady and then finally stopped skipping through and listened to a full album suggested by Jake.

This song re-kindled and reminded me how much I loved this band in my early teens, so much so I'm pretty sure they are mentioned in my middle school leavers document!

Then because I'm too lazy to get off my bottom and get my actual CDs, (or the excuse I'll use is Baker was sleeping on my feet and I didn't want to disturb him)
I listened to the full 'Start Something' album that has been conveniently uploaded onto YouTube and just so happens to be my favorite of their albums.
When they released 'Liberation Transmission' and Ian Watkins got that girly hair going on I sort of fell out of love with them and rarely listened to them so I really enjoyed reminiscing.

I know this may be a bit of a controversial thing to post considering the current allegations surrounding Ian Watkins but to be fair his personal life has nothing to do with the quality of their music and I'm not gonna throw out my CDs because some bitter ex of his decided to drop him in the doo doo!

If you aren't familiar with the welsh band, have a listen to this.


  1. I still listen to music from my high school days. Man, it brings back fun memories!

  2. It annoys me that people get so angry when you listen to Lostprophets... there are like 6 others memebers of the band, not just Ian Watkins!