Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Share The Love V.9 - Bloggers With Pets! (Part 2)

If you haven't seen part one and the introduction to this two part special edition of 'Share the Love' please go check it out by clicking HERE
As I said in the past post, pretty please make sure to go visit all these lovely ladies blogs and drop them a comment telling them who sent you! Enjoy part two!

Hi! My name is Alice, I'm a Brit living in Spain, with Nino, my Spanish boyfriend and Paris our gorgeous pet pig!! I write a blog called TheMowWay, where I share outfitsDIY projects and loads of photos of my sweet baby pig, Paris.

1. Who is your furry friend? Name, age, breed.
My friend is Paris, a "mini-pig". She's five and a half years old and (althought I might be biased) she is the cutest piggy ever! We life in sunny Valencia, Spain in a small flat.
2. How did Paris join your family?
When Nino and I decided to live together, we chose to have a pet pig, as they have no body odour and they are so clean and smart! What we didn't know was that she should grow so much! Many people come up to me and tell me: "I want one too!" and I always tell everyone to choose wisely. Pigs are not the easiest pets (very stubborn and inteligent, a little bit too much sometimes..). They sometimes grow and grow and grow, which makes it complicated, especially if you live in a 60sqm flat like us, but if you really love your animal, these things are only silly differences. Please, think twice (or even 10 times) before rushing out and getting one! ;) 
3. How did you pick their name?
Nino picked the name after Paris Hilton and after Paris from the greek mythology (he was Orlando Bloom in the film Troy). Nino sometimes calls her "Mogwai" after the Gremslins film, because when she was small, she would do some noises like the Gremlins! Ha! And that's where the name of the blog came from. 
4. What is Paris' favorite thing to do/play with?
Anything food related! Now in summer we freezer little chunks of fruit in ice cubes and we will give them to her to munch on and also cool herself. It gets VERY hot over here (+45·)!
5. What part do they play within your blog?
She plays a big part! Especially on Instagram! We are both huge instagram addicts, even more now that we can record videos! See her playing in a huge puddle of mud here or having a bubble bath here! :)
I wrote a whole post about her with FAQs a few weeks ago, read all about her here! (many cute piggy photos!)

Hi! I'm Leona and I blog over at Oh! Leona. I live in Cornwall with my fiancĂ© Liam and our Jack Russell Rex. I blog about life, pets, books and more recently, Harry Potter.!

1. Who is your furry friend? 
Our little dude is called Rex, he'll be three in September and he's a Jack Russell Terrier.
2. How did Rex join your family? 
We had talked about getting a dog for absolutely ages, we always knew we wanted a Jack Russell. We started talking about it realistically around October of 2010 and decided that we were going to save up our pennies and when we had enough, we would start looking. Well, Liam's mum offered to pay for Rex and said that we could call it our Christmas present. (Dog's are for life, definitely not just for Christmas guys!!) So in December we went to see a lady in Bude whose little lady had just had five puppies. We knew that two of them had already gone so we got to meet the three that were left. There was one who was absolutely nuts, he was running around like crazy and wanted to play all of the time. There was another one who wanted to cuddle all of the time and then there was the little dude who instantly became our favourite, the one who was running around playfully but also wanted cuddles from time to time. We brought this little dude home a week before Christmas and he's been the biggest and most loving part of our family ever since.
3. How did you pick their name? 
He's named after Rex from Toy Story - our favourite films!
4. What is Rex's favourite thing to do/play with?
He loves to look out of the window at his "babe" who lives across from us. She usually barks when she comes outside just to let him know she's there and he starts running around the house like mad. His favourite toys are anything with a squeaker in it, preferably a squeaky ball, but he's not picky. 
5. What part do they play within your blog? 
He makes the place look a whole lot cuter and gives it a bit of pzazz!

Hi! I'm Sami, and I write 'That Redhead Said' which started late 2012. It is a lifestyle blog which focuses on recovery and removing the stigma from mental illness. Currently; I am working on a series called 'Adventures in Psychiatry' in which I use my own story to hopefully remove the fear that comes with seeking help, how to talk to your doctors and what it is like in the mental health system.
1. Who is your furry friend? 
Lily is very nearly 3 years old - her birthday is 16th June so be sure to stop by and leave some love! She is definitely a moggie/domestic short hair cat, but I am fairly certain that somewhere in her bloodline there is a Burmese. She is a very chatty little lady and carries a lot of the same physical features one would expect to find from that breed. 
2. How did Lily join your family?
I found Lily in the Friday-Ad. I had originally planned to adopt another kitten, but it turned out that the seller was basically lying to me about the breed of cat and it's age, so I put a stop to that adoption and reported her to the relevant authorities as I had concerns about her motives and the kittens welfare. I spotted Lily purely by chance on 21st August, as I was desperately searching for another potential furry friend. She was the last one in her litter to find a home. I instantly knew she was meant to be mine and called up her owner right there and then, and arranged to come see her with her mummy and elder sibling the following day - which happened to be my 23rd birthday. Oh my word. I melted. She was so tiny, but I just had that feeling/intuition that I was meant to have her. So I took her home for the modest price of £40. Honestly, I would have paid anything! 
3. How did you pick their name? 
I am really not sure where the name Lily came from. It just came to me when I picked her up and said hello. A little voice just said "you should call her Lily...", so I did! The temptation to call her Oreo was there, but I resisted. 
4. What is Lily's favourite thing to do/play with?
Lily is an indoor cat, so my flat is basically a cat playhouse. Her favourite thing to do is play with her vast collection of balls. Over the years, we have made a fair few games to play. She adores the stairs in our flat, and seems to find it amazing fun to chase the balls as they bounce down! She also loves chasing the laser pen or those feather 'dangle' sort of toys, which works out great for me when I'm exhausted but she wants to play! Of course, she also loves to sit on her cat trees by the window and watch the world go by. 
5. What part do they play within your blog? 
Lily has a special place in my life, and my blog! I created a page just for her, so I can share her latest pictures. videos and stories. She also gives me something of a platform to talk about pet-related topics. She is a huge part of my day-to-day and I don't think there are many posts where I don't mention Lily in one way or another! She is my best friend, my confidant, my guardian angel... My world! I can't wait to add more feline friends to our little family. It'd do Lily some good, she thinks she's queen of the universe right now... Haha!! 


  1. As an animal lover I totally love this! The pet pig is cool!

  2. I want a pet pig now!! Thank you for letting me be a part of it, you know I love showing Rex off to others :P xx