Saturday, 31 August 2013

How To - De-Clutter Your Life!

Having in recent months moved house, as alot of you know, we had to do alot of 'de-cluttering' before packing. Everytime I've moved has been the same and especially when moving out of my parents house.
I used to be a terrible hoarder of anything from Kinder Egg toys that were cute and scraps of coloured paper for making cards to old broken CD players and cameras, however over time it builds up and enough becomes enough!

With this house and our last place I now have a big deep clean and 'throwing out' spree at least every other month so. Although by 'throwing out'definitely  do not mean just bagging up and binning anything that doesn't have a place. After just doing one of these sprees I thought I'd share some of my tips for efficient, effective and sometimes profitable de-cluttering! 

1. Most important of all to remember is, your 'junk' maybe be someone else's treasure. Unwanted presents or things you have used but are still in good condition are always worth advertising to see if others would like them - in some cases you might even make a fiver or two! Sites like Gumtree are awesome to freely advertise anything from cars to clothes and I infact sold my broken down baby just earlier this year within a day of posting it! Even Facebook now has pages that have been set up by the community to swap and sell unwanted goods.

2. Similarly to the previous way of getting rid of clutter and diminishing the piles of 'stuff' you have hoarded is to sell to a recycling website. I think in this instance it is particularly handy for those things that you may have that are faulty.  
Some of the most common things to pile up in the home are usually cds, dvds, clothes and electrical appliances all of which Music Magpie will buy from you - it needn't just be faulty or broken goods though, they take things in working order too (and will pay you more if they are in better shape haha)! 

With the likes of movie and music downloading becoming more popular, people are getting rid of their hard copy collections so rather than just gathering it all up in a black bag why not sell your dvds and CDs, recycling them AND making a profit! 

3. Donate!! Charity shops, or as Americans would call them 'Thrift Shops' are always in need of donations. Books that you've read, clothes that you or your child has grown out of, home goods, ornaments, whatever! If you're not bothered about making any money out of your old things or the stuff isn't in as total amazing shape this is a great thing to do to get shot of a bulk of clutter. It reminds me that I have a couple bags to haul down the street sometime. 

4. Last but not least would be my last port of call. Things like clothes that are fully worn out, books that are falling apart or smashed up household items are all able to be recycled at your local plant. Rather than just being lazy and dumping them in your wheelie bin why not take a trip to get rid of your real rubbish clutter in a useful way. 

Things to remember when 're-homing' items to others -

* Make sure you would be happy with the quality of the pre loved product if it were going to be you receiving it.
* Clean/disinfect/wash all items to you're highest standard before handing over the items.

* When advertising provide a clear description, including any issues with working order or quality.
* Also when advertising, supply a good, clear photo of the product.

I'll  leave you with saying, a cluttered house leads to a cluttered life. Keep your surroundings fresh and organized and you will automatically follow suite. Hope some of these tips were of help to you!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's My Life - Baker's 1st Birthday.

The 26th of August saw our little guy turn 1 and looking back on old photos of when we first brought him home, he's changed sooo much!
At 12 months my 'puppy' is now a dog. :(

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TAG - The Sunshine Award

It's been a couple months since I was nominated for a blog award and at that it's only ever been the same two awards that I get tagged in every time.

So a huge thank you to Kayleigh (and Karl :P) of Ruffles and Rabbits for nominating for the Sunshine Award! Yey! Everyone should defiantly pop over and pay her lovely blog a visit.
(Pssst, by the way Kayleigh is one of my super sweet I&A contributors  click here to check out her ink!)

So if like me, you hadn't heard about this particular award it is simply, apparently an award to recognize blogs that bring a little sunshine to the blogosphere and in turn help people to discover new blogs. 
The rules are as follows -
Thank the blogger who nominated you. - Check

♥♥Post the award logo on your blog. 

♥♥Share seven facts about yourself.

♥♥♥♥Nominate 5 blogs that you love.

Now onto the thing I always struggle with. The facts about myself, which are usually facts about me from Jake haha. 
1. I'm a rubbish shopper for a girl. I begrudge parting with my money for clothes, make up and trivial things.
2. My dog has a Facebook, which of course I run. Making me realize how sad my life is.
3. I've gone from not being able to/hating to cook to being able to make lots of home cooked meals since moving out a couple years back.
4. During the most recent pre-employment course I've been on, I've been told I'm 'bossy' or from others 'Supervisor material'. I like the latter phrase better. 
5. 40% of my clothing is Disney.
6. (Submitted by my Mam) 'Has always had a unique style all of her own but ALWAYS been copied by others.'
7. I've broken several fingers and toes and fractured my wrist and a rib but never (touch wood) broken any bones!

The five blogs I feel deserve this the most are -

Hope to see you all join in! Thanks again Kayleigh!


Saturday, 24 August 2013

What is Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty does not just relate to the physical beating of an animal. 

I think more people need to be educated on what actually is.

For my first example, food. Recently I have been made more aware of many people who find it strange that I do not allow my dog to eat what we do. Baker eats a working dogs dry mix food with no extras other than rice, occasionally vegetables, the very rare slither of chicken breast when I have some, a tiny cube of cheese even more occasionally than that, teaspoons of organic peanut butter once a month or so and these in the summer. Scraps from our plate are strictly forbidden and doggy treats limited.
What most people don't seem to realize is you rewarding their puppy dog eyes begging for your food is worse for them than saying no. Alot of our food is high in salt and random ingredients that are fine for us but poisonous for them. I urge you to check this page on the Canine Journal before feeding your dog any human food. Here are some of the most toxic foods at a glance -

Next up is something that narks me highly.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To - Make a GIF (Moving picture) in Photoshop.

I've been wanting to do a quick 'tutorial' so to speak on how to create GIF's using Photoshop since I first started my How to series.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is the term used for an image file compressed to reduce transfer time. However you can also use it to link multiple images giving an animated clip effect. You can use anything from 2+ photos to create an animated GIF but have patience when making one (using this method) with lots! There are other ways to make them and online websites that will make them for you, but be warned they will leave nasty watermarks all over it.

My old 'about me' section photograph (top of this post) happened to be just a two image GIF and I had many questions about how I had made it so here we go...

Saturday, 17 August 2013

I Wish, List V.15

It's seems to of been, unintentionally, practically two months since my last wishlist post! I guess there's not much I've

And seeing as it's over due I thought I'd give you a special collection of cool items I'd love to have.
They're special because each purchase supports a charity. Or what I should say is a percentage of the sale price from the item goes towards the cause it supports.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Currently Obsessed V.12

It's been over three months since this post.

Dang it! I was sure I was gonna stick with something and see it through for a change. Life does get in the way though and I'm sure alot of my other fellow bloggers that were also taking part in the May3DS challenge found themselves in similar situations.

After the move of house though I had time on my side again and it all clicked back into place and instead of forcing myself to do a workout I wasn't enjoying and didn't feel any benefit from, I hunted out a super old workout DVD of mine and cracked on with that. I think it's important that you enjoy your workout as it makes you want to do it more, like when I finish this I could always go again.

Hell yeah it's from '06, meaning I was just 16 when I bought it and it's not been used more than a handful of times up until now. The other Pump It Up dvd's I've seen seem to have much harder choreography and poo-er music. This has classic dance tunes that really do 'pump you up' and after one or two sessions you get the routines down and it's all just fun from there on out.

As well as this I've

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's My Life - Pet Haul

For the past couple weeks I've been on a pre-employment/customer service course ran at Gateshead college (not that I haven't done a zillion of them before and have ample amounts of customer service experience). I was a little skeptical about yet another course but I'm glad I did attend. I've met some fab new friends and on Friday after class a couple of us hit the Metrocentre!

Before anyone says anything, No I don't have spare money every month - it's all gone on bills and rent and you should all know I never go shopping. However a small tax rebate left a few extra pennys so Jake told me to treat myself. In that case obviously THIS was first port of call. But I was disappointed in the stock range and held onto my cash. After a bite of lunch and some people watching we went back to the car, headed for town when we were distracted en route.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Top 5 - Unpractical Pets.

It's no new news that I'm a fan of animals and if I were to win the lottery I'd have a sanctuary inspired by the likes of Jim and Alison Cronin and take in any living thing that needed a home. 
I'd do it now if it were feasible and fair to the animals but obviously a downstairs flat in Newcastle is hardly a satisfactory home for orangutans or dolphins. That being said I thought I'd compile a list of my Top 5 desired pet options that are completely unpractical! 

First up are the fascinating, flying, feathered Birds of Prey. Now I worked alongside Jake to dwindle down this list to only 5 potential pets (which was hard enough) but when it came to a picking a particular Bird of Prey we couldn't agree. From the Barred Owl and Caracara to the Kestrel and Falcons, all are amazing and we've had the pleasure to hold and fly such species. In fact I had a

Thursday, 8 August 2013

What's Going On? - Hey! I'm Vlogging Here!

'What's Going On?' is usually a series going into the history and real meanings behind a specific public holiday or explaining the facts of important world events. However a recent prominent point in the online entertainment community has to be recognized on my blog when I've been a follower, fan and friend of some of those concerned for the past 6-7 years.

Jake and I rarely watch TV and YouTube is defiantly my main form of relaxing and viewing pleasure, with numerous different genres of videos, fresh material daily and the interactivity between the content creators and audiences making it way more appealing than TV.

Above is a video trailer, released last week during VidCon, of a documentary movie made by and featuring some of my favorite YouTubers.
It'll give us an up close peek into the lives of 'vloggers' themselves and show why they have been so successful.
It's a step on the technology ladder and an amazing oppourtiny for all involved. Now get liking and sharing the trailer and get the attention of big distributors to get the movie into cinemas worldwide!!

Are you a 'YouTuber'? Do you create and upload original content or are you more of a subscriber and watcher?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

JD Photography - Project 365 7/12.

I'll keep this month's summary short and sweet seeing as that how this month has felt.
During our second month living in Newcastle we've had outstanding weather for Britain. I've gotten healthier and been cooking more homemade stuff for myself including crisps! My Mam and I completed our 3rd Cancer Research Race for Life and Jake and I managed to get a day to ourselves and visit South Shields on our first date day since last October.
Baker enjoyed his very own special ice lollies, we continued to watch our way through new addiction 'Prison Break' and I even won a competition!

Make sure to CLICK HERE to go to my Project 365 blog to see all the images full size. While there take a second to follow because if I hit 50 followers before December 31st I'm gonna do a second year...!

What did you get up to last month?

Saturday, 3 August 2013

TAG - Money Supermarket's Budget Bucket List Competition.

Phew! What a tongue twister of a title eh?
I saw this post on one of the many blogs I read probably over a fortnight ago now and had planned on taking part seeing as I already have a few posts relating to my Bucket List. Then I also happened to be tagged by Rebecca (Yey! Thank you for including me Rebecca) and after getting caught up on posting some of my numerous pre-written posts I'm now having a bash at it - though I doubt it'll be as awesome and interesting as her post!

Getting right into it'll I'll start of by saying that the purpose of this competition is to choose two items from your bucket list, a 'budget' item and contrasting and more 'extravagant' item, explain what is hindering you from completing it currently and what it would mean to you to do it, entering you to have the opportunity of winning up to £2000! (Which we could soooo do with right now haha)

So if you haven't already checked out my original Bucket List, CLICK HERE, HERE for the 6 month updated version and CLICK HERE for the year update.

Now you've checked those out, (you haven't? Go on. Quick!) here are my picks of least and most indulgent:

My Budget Bucket List Aim

Thursday, 1 August 2013

OOTD - Summer Walks with My Men.

Pardon the pasty pins, but here in the North East of England as soon as Mr Sun has his hat on everyone takes advantage and gets some skin on show! Not that it gives me much benefit apart from staying cool as it'd take me a month in Spain to gain any sort of tan.
I'm a big fan of this jumper that Mam got me, as it's enough to cover up and keep warm with but the chunky, crochet type knit is like having built in air-con too haha. I suppose the ombre style is 'in' right now or whatever, but I'm not fussed about being on trend.