Thursday, 15 August 2013

Currently Obsessed V.12

It's been over three months since this post.

Dang it! I was sure I was gonna stick with something and see it through for a change. Life does get in the way though and I'm sure alot of my other fellow bloggers that were also taking part in the May3DS challenge found themselves in similar situations.

After the move of house though I had time on my side again and it all clicked back into place and instead of forcing myself to do a workout I wasn't enjoying and didn't feel any benefit from, I hunted out a super old workout DVD of mine and cracked on with that. I think it's important that you enjoy your workout as it makes you want to do it more, like when I finish this I could always go again.

Hell yeah it's from '06, meaning I was just 16 when I bought it and it's not been used more than a handful of times up until now. The other Pump It Up dvd's I've seen seem to have much harder choreography and poo-er music. This has classic dance tunes that really do 'pump you up' and after one or two sessions you get the routines down and it's all just fun from there on out.

As well as this I've
been doing my usual walking as well as stepping my game up fully diet wise. Don't take that word in the wrong context though, not diet as in on a diet. Diet as in what I'm putting into my body.
I started out using the app for smart phones, Noom, which is pretty awesome and logs the amount of calories you are taking in as well as showing you a pie chart of the percentages of certain food groups you've eaten.

I've been trying to cut out processed foods as much as possible so been sticking to chicken breasts, homemade chips, pasta, broccoli and salad. I've hardly had any sweet foods and instead if I feel a sweet craving, nibbling on a rich tea biscuit! I also am only drinking really weak black current squash, which would be just water if I liked water.

Obviously I still have to odd chicken kiev or bowl of ice cream as long as it fits into my daily calorie allowance and cheat days where Jake and I share a pizza are in the mix occasionally too but everything in moderation is good.
So yeah, just now this is what I'm obsessed with and I hope it continues forever. I love having motivation towards my health and fitness. I'll update in a few months once I'm as ripped as Vitor Belfort.

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