Saturday, 31 August 2013

How To - De-Clutter Your Life!

Having in recent months moved house, as alot of you know, we had to do alot of 'de-cluttering' before packing. Everytime I've moved has been the same and especially when moving out of my parents house.
I used to be a terrible hoarder of anything from Kinder Egg toys that were cute and scraps of coloured paper for making cards to old broken CD players and cameras, however over time it builds up and enough becomes enough!

With this house and our last place I now have a big deep clean and 'throwing out' spree at least every other month so. Although by 'throwing out'definitely  do not mean just bagging up and binning anything that doesn't have a place. After just doing one of these sprees I thought I'd share some of my tips for efficient, effective and sometimes profitable de-cluttering! 

1. Most important of all to remember is, your 'junk' maybe be someone else's treasure. Unwanted presents or things you have used but are still in good condition are always worth advertising to see if others would like them - in some cases you might even make a fiver or two! Sites like Gumtree are awesome to freely advertise anything from cars to clothes and I infact sold my broken down baby just earlier this year within a day of posting it! Even Facebook now has pages that have been set up by the community to swap and sell unwanted goods.

2. Similarly to the previous way of getting rid of clutter and diminishing the piles of 'stuff' you have hoarded is to sell to a recycling website. I think in this instance it is particularly handy for those things that you may have that are faulty.  
Some of the most common things to pile up in the home are usually cds, dvds, clothes and electrical appliances all of which Music Magpie will buy from you - it needn't just be faulty or broken goods though, they take things in working order too (and will pay you more if they are in better shape haha)! 

With the likes of movie and music downloading becoming more popular, people are getting rid of their hard copy collections so rather than just gathering it all up in a black bag why not sell your dvds and CDs, recycling them AND making a profit! 

3. Donate!! Charity shops, or as Americans would call them 'Thrift Shops' are always in need of donations. Books that you've read, clothes that you or your child has grown out of, home goods, ornaments, whatever! If you're not bothered about making any money out of your old things or the stuff isn't in as total amazing shape this is a great thing to do to get shot of a bulk of clutter. It reminds me that I have a couple bags to haul down the street sometime. 

4. Last but not least would be my last port of call. Things like clothes that are fully worn out, books that are falling apart or smashed up household items are all able to be recycled at your local plant. Rather than just being lazy and dumping them in your wheelie bin why not take a trip to get rid of your real rubbish clutter in a useful way. 

Things to remember when 're-homing' items to others -

* Make sure you would be happy with the quality of the pre loved product if it were going to be you receiving it.
* Clean/disinfect/wash all items to you're highest standard before handing over the items.

* When advertising provide a clear description, including any issues with working order or quality.
* Also when advertising, supply a good, clear photo of the product.

I'll  leave you with saying, a cluttered house leads to a cluttered life. Keep your surroundings fresh and organized and you will automatically follow suite. Hope some of these tips were of help to you!

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