Saturday, 17 August 2013

I Wish, List V.15

It's seems to of been, unintentionally, practically two months since my last wishlist post! I guess there's not much I've

And seeing as it's over due I thought I'd give you a special collection of cool items I'd love to have.
They're special because each purchase supports a charity. Or what I should say is a percentage of the sale price from the item goes towards the cause it supports.

[Top left, clockwise]
Jeremy and Amy Book  - One of the foremost experts on Primates in the world and Monkey World legends, Jeremy Keeling has released a book documenting his true story of life with abandoned Orangutan, Amy. From what I know about this story so far, it's so touching and I must read it!  (Available through the Monkey World Online Gift Shop. An amazing sanctuary who I did my Skydive for.)

Ivy Fantasy Jewelry Box  - I already have a beautiful (rather full) cream leather jewelry box but this one is too reminiscent of a something that would be at home in Snow White for me not to want it. I'd use it more of a treasure box to keep my smallest keepsakes. (Available through the Rainforrest Site Gift Shop.)

Scented Candle - Big candle fans we are in our house. Yankee candles specifically but everyone knows how expensive they are and this one is defiantly a beautiful substitute with it's delicate patterned glass acting as a decoration of its own.  (Availible through the RSPB Online Gift Shop, with 100% of proceeds helping birds and wildlife.)

Young Kudu-Botswana Ltd Edition Print by Alison Ingram  - The Born Free Foundation is one of the worlds most well known animal welfare and conservation charities. I remember having a Born Free VHS box set as a child. I didn't know they had an online store however and the section that caught my eye was the animal artwork prints. There is a whole selection of stunning sketches, painting etc by a range of artisits all of which are stunning. I could see this one particularly in a lovely antique frame hanging nicely in my house.

Good Natured Shampoo  - Ever on the hunt for animal friendly cosmetics and products, it's pretty awesome the the WWF themselves have a hair care line! Would love to try it out! (Availible through the WWF online store.)

Charities and organizations online stores are probably not the first place you would think to look when gift shopping, but I hope you think twice next time you need to get a present for someone. The Greater Good Network stores are especially awesome, with everything from jewelry to home goods and so much more.

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