Thursday, 29 August 2013

It's My Life - Baker's 1st Birthday.

The 26th of August saw our little guy turn 1 and looking back on old photos of when we first brought him home, he's changed sooo much!
At 12 months my 'puppy' is now a dog. :(
He is fully grown to his adult height and weight and teething is over. Internet research shows that by this age dogs should be sleeping through the night and be fully house trained, though our little man has been trained to this standard for many months now, he actually could win an award for sleeping as he usually sleeps 12 hours over night and I end up having to wake him up! Websites also indicate that chewing and destructive behavior should no longer exist but yet again Baker defies this rule as he has never chewed anything except his toys. Over all he seems to be ahead of the set milestones and specifications for his age which is awesome.

We ended up celebrating early (on Saturday evening) so that my parents could be here to see him open his presents and such. Below are some photos and the video of his Birthday evening so I'll not waffle on anymore haha.
Apart from saying if you wish to see more photos and read stories of Baker and his life so far check out these posts:

The cupcakes were made specially by my Mam and I and all ingredients were safe for doggy consumption! There are loads of recipes online but these were Peanut Butter and Carrot - his favorites! I made his birthday banner with card and ribbon, I think it turned out okay.
He also got a super smart new lead and collar with treats from his 'Granny and Granda' and a bubble machine from my Nana!! Check him out opening his gifts and wolfing down his cake in the video below (excuse me as I had no make up on).
Finally a huge thanks to my parents and thanks to all who have sent him well wishes :)

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