Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's My Life - Pet Haul

For the past couple weeks I've been on a pre-employment/customer service course ran at Gateshead college (not that I haven't done a zillion of them before and have ample amounts of customer service experience). I was a little skeptical about yet another course but I'm glad I did attend. I've met some fab new friends and on Friday after class a couple of us hit the Metrocentre!

Before anyone says anything, No I don't have spare money every month - it's all gone on bills and rent and you should all know I never go shopping. However a small tax rebate left a few extra pennys so Jake told me to treat myself. In that case obviously THIS was first port of call. But I was disappointed in the stock range and held onto my cash. After a bite of lunch and some people watching we went back to the car, headed for town when we were distracted en route.

Pets at Home. Need I say more?!

So we oggled the animals and search the shelves and I left with a bundle of goodies for Bunny! Here's what I got him.

I could of went alot crazier but the money conscious side of my brain made me stop at this. I'm pretty chuffed at all this though. Guess how much I paid for it all. Guess!
Have you guessed?
£20.00! That's it! So pleased with my little purchases for the day and especially because it was for Bunny as usually Baker is the one who gets spoilt.
As you'll see from the photos below Bunny was very grateful too.

Alongside the new little grass hidey hut, I also got some tiny little books as he loves to eat paper and this is safe - plus it has Harry Potter esc font on it, duuh!! A knobbly flavored wooden chew that attaches to the bars was added to the bag too, a can of special spray to keep the nasty bugs away in this weather, as well as a dangling carrot shaped contraption with holes for you to insert the included 'sweeties' or pieces of fruit and veg making it slightly more fun for him to eat his carrot than just out of the bowl.
As you can see the hut went down very well. He loves anything to hide in (and eat at the same time) and with our spare room/his bedroom still having boxes in from the big move he usually tunnels his way inside them. I think he likes this better though.

I'll leave you with these photos of him reading his new Harry Potter books! How lush is he :)
Do you enjoy shopping for your pets? I prefer it to shopping for myself! haha
Look out for a haul from Baker in the following month or so as his 1st birthday is the 26th of this month...!!


  1. OMG your bunny is so cute! x


  2. Aww that's adorable - I have never seen those books before. He looks proper into his "story" on the last picture.

    Kayleigh xo

  3. Aww, he's so cute! Love the little books, great idea x

  4. I love the picture inside the hut with just his nose sticking out! And the last one too! Bunny sounds just like Panda, he likes to hide under stuff too! I go to Pets At Home mostly to look at the animals, I've kinda bought everything they have for guinea pigs... :D x

  5. Awww you have a bunny too? Can you be any cooler? I used to love shopping for my pets too.