Saturday, 10 August 2013

My Top 5 - Unpractical Pets.

It's no new news that I'm a fan of animals and if I were to win the lottery I'd have a sanctuary inspired by the likes of Jim and Alison Cronin and take in any living thing that needed a home. 
I'd do it now if it were feasible and fair to the animals but obviously a downstairs flat in Newcastle is hardly a satisfactory home for orangutans or dolphins. That being said I thought I'd compile a list of my Top 5 desired pet options that are completely unpractical! 

First up are the fascinating, flying, feathered Birds of Prey. Now I worked alongside Jake to dwindle down this list to only 5 potential pets (which was hard enough) but when it came to a picking a particular Bird of Prey we couldn't agree. From the Barred Owl and Caracara to the Kestrel and Falcons, all are amazing and we've had the pleasure to hold and fly such species. In fact I had a
Caracara land on my head :)
What they eat might take a little time to adjust my stomach and gag reflex to but being able to watch them fly and the never ending photo opportunity's would be well worth it.

To see our experience with the birds mention above and lots more CLICK HERE.

The South African native, Meerkat's, seemed to shoot up in popularity as a 'favorite animal' by many when the 'Compare the Market' adverts first aired, followed by the Channel 5 Documentary series - Meerkat Manor. However my long time love of all tiny furry mammals makes my heart melting at their little hands and noses impossible. The one in the photo above was one of two that had been hand reared at Whitehouse Farm, Morpeth, hence it allowed Jake to pet his head shining a tiny glimmer of hope that they could make a good pet eventually.
The are so comical when playing with others, super clever and the intricate social groups and obvious human tenancies shown on the documentary  make them even more endearing.

Otters. Plural. That has been made very clear by Jake. In fact he said all five on this list should just be Otters! haha His favorite animal of all time and something we are still anxious to photograph in the wild are much happier and more fun in pairs or groups so it would only make sense to have a family or couple of them. I had never been overly obsessed by the semi-aquatic mammal until photographing and filming the Uncle and Niece duo from Scarborough Sealife Centre, then watching way too many videos on YouTube of them holding hands and playing all cute-like! Just look at the photo of them above - how sweet!

Although a common animal this is probably something that would be the least likely to appear on anyone elses list of similar genre. This image here, is the moment I realized how lovely and gentle the otherwise  known 'evil rodents' actually are. Besides the obvious overall big eyed and bushy tailed cute look we also found them to have rather spunky personalities while watching the red squirrels from the bird hide in Kielder. As Jake moved closer to a feeder to photograph one it raced up a tree, hopped to the next one and threw a nut at us! 

The last spot on this list was hard to fill - there are so many possibilities. So I searched through all my photo albums from farms and animal sanctuarys and came across this set of the Lemur family I photographed at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens. They were so laid back and sleepy and when the all went in to cuddle up together I just wanted to be in the middle of the fluffiness.
There are also alot of similarities between them and one of my favorite animals - Orangutans - but with the added Newcastle United esc tail :P

So yeah, there is the current top 5 animals I'd love to own if I could. It'll probably change tomorrow 'cause lets be straight, I adore all creatures great and small minus the creepy crawly ones haha.

What would you have as a pet if you could have anything in the world?


  1. Great list! I'd love a bird of prey too - particularly for the photo opps! :)

  2. I am so with you on giving any animal a home!!!! If I could, I'd love to have owls. They're so gorgeous. The boyfriend is scared of birds for some reason though :( Maybe an elephant or two instead... Haha!

  3. I would love to have an Otter as a pet! The bird of prey would be cool too!