Thursday, 1 August 2013

OOTD - Summer Walks with My Men.

Pardon the pasty pins, but here in the North East of England as soon as Mr Sun has his hat on everyone takes advantage and gets some skin on show! Not that it gives me much benefit apart from staying cool as it'd take me a month in Spain to gain any sort of tan.
I'm a big fan of this jumper that Mam got me, as it's enough to cover up and keep warm with but the chunky, crochet type knit is like having built in air-con too haha. I suppose the ombre style is 'in' right now or whatever, but I'm not fussed about being on trend. 

Jumper - Red or Dead at Bank
Dress (yes, really! Worn as top) - Topshop
Shorts - Only at Bank
Shoes - Nike
Accessories - Estella Bartlett Silver Plated Bead Bracelet Duo

I suppose you've seen a trend in my footwear choices if you've read a few of these outfit of the day posts, but trainers and skate shoes really are the most practical and comfortable thing to wear when you walk as much as I do - that's my priority. 
Another trend has been broken in this post however, as I hardly ever wear any jewelry and decided to add a tiny piece to decorate my un-inked right wrist haha. These bracelets are small and dainty enough to be cute but not get in the way of everyday activities and I love them as they were a holiday gift from my parents. 

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