Saturday, 3 August 2013

TAG - Money Supermarket's Budget Bucket List Competition.

Phew! What a tongue twister of a title eh?
I saw this post on one of the many blogs I read probably over a fortnight ago now and had planned on taking part seeing as I already have a few posts relating to my Bucket List. Then I also happened to be tagged by Rebecca (Yey! Thank you for including me Rebecca) and after getting caught up on posting some of my numerous pre-written posts I'm now having a bash at it - though I doubt it'll be as awesome and interesting as her post!

Getting right into it'll I'll start of by saying that the purpose of this competition is to choose two items from your bucket list, a 'budget' item and contrasting and more 'extravagant' item, explain what is hindering you from completing it currently and what it would mean to you to do it, entering you to have the opportunity of winning up to £2000! (Which we could soooo do with right now haha)

So if you haven't already checked out my original Bucket List, CLICK HERE, HERE for the 6 month updated version and CLICK HERE for the year update.

Now you've checked those out, (you haven't? Go on. Quick!) here are my picks of least and most indulgent:

My Budget Bucket List Aim

There were alot to choose from for this one but I settled on feeding a lamb! Probably something alot of people have already done and defiantly something that doesn't cost alot at all. I have missed numerous opportunity's to do this and if you follow my 'Out and About's you'll see the amount of animal sanctuary and community farms we've visited. Unfortunately we always either strike unlucky in the months we visit or like like once I was with a pregnant friend who couldn't go into the lambing shed due to the infections women with child can contract.
I will do it eventually and I will think of my late Granda the whole time. I'm very proud to tell people he was a Shepard and I love to remember how much he cared for the animals.

My Extravagant Bucket List Aim.
Here I am struggling to choose for the more pricey portion of the post but I think I'm gonna have to settle and go with visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando! I have neither been to the States nor have I had the opportunity to even visit the Harry Potter Studio tour in this country but alongside Disney, Harry Potter is a huge part in my life. Now I don't mean that to sound like a pre-teen scene kid talking about My Chemical Romance but it really is.
After going through hard times in school (I promise, the post about my horrible school and after years is coming soon) the fictional world was an escape for my teenage self and another place for my head to focus when bullying muggles where around.
I cried like a baby numerous times throughout reading the books and watching the films and especially during the final film. It's nice to know there is a place where my childhood savior lives on and even though my letter never arrived to 11 year old Danielle, 22 year old Danielle forgives Hogwarts and would still really like to visit please :) It's just being unemployed makes having money for a holiday anywhere let alone the States pretty impossible! It'd be awesome for Orlando to be Jake and I's first proper trip together and his first trip abroad ever!

As hard as this post was with me being so indecisive and all I think it's lots of fun and a change from the norm.
I'd love to see Vicky of A Cosy Little Corner,  Girl About Town - Melissa and Alice from The Mow Way take part in this too! As well as you of course! So go to the website to find out more and make sure to link me to your post below!


  1. Hi Danieelle!

    I've checked out the website for the 'Bucket List' competition, and it seems I have missed it! Apparently, it closes on the 2nd August! Thanks for asking though and good luck with your entry!

    Hugs Vee x

  2. Hey Danielle!

    Let me tell you that I have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and it is amazing! The whole thing looks so real to the village to Hogwarts to the places to eat and drink. The ride itself is awesome! I went on it three times and wanted to do it again. I hope you get to go one day!

    1. Ahhh I am too jealous right now! haha
      It's good to hear how good it actually is though. Thanks!