Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TAG - The Sunshine Award

It's been a couple months since I was nominated for a blog award and at that it's only ever been the same two awards that I get tagged in every time.

So a huge thank you to Kayleigh (and Karl :P) of Ruffles and Rabbits for nominating for the Sunshine Award! Yey! Everyone should defiantly pop over and pay her lovely blog a visit.
(Pssst, by the way Kayleigh is one of my super sweet I&A contributors  click here to check out her ink!)

So if like me, you hadn't heard about this particular award it is simply, apparently an award to recognize blogs that bring a little sunshine to the blogosphere and in turn help people to discover new blogs. 
The rules are as follows -
Thank the blogger who nominated you. - Check

♥♥Post the award logo on your blog. 

♥♥Share seven facts about yourself.

♥♥♥♥Nominate 5 blogs that you love.

Now onto the thing I always struggle with. The facts about myself, which are usually facts about me from Jake haha. 
1. I'm a rubbish shopper for a girl. I begrudge parting with my money for clothes, make up and trivial things.
2. My dog has a Facebook, which of course I run. Making me realize how sad my life is.
3. I've gone from not being able to/hating to cook to being able to make lots of home cooked meals since moving out a couple years back.
4. During the most recent pre-employment course I've been on, I've been told I'm 'bossy' or from others 'Supervisor material'. I like the latter phrase better. 
5. 40% of my clothing is Disney.
6. (Submitted by my Mam) 'Has always had a unique style all of her own but ALWAYS been copied by others.'
7. I've broken several fingers and toes and fractured my wrist and a rib but never (touch wood) broken any bones!

The five blogs I feel deserve this the most are -

Hope to see you all join in! Thanks again Kayleigh!


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