Thursday, 8 August 2013

What's Going On? - Hey! I'm Vlogging Here!

'What's Going On?' is usually a series going into the history and real meanings behind a specific public holiday or explaining the facts of important world events. However a recent prominent point in the online entertainment community has to be recognized on my blog when I've been a follower, fan and friend of some of those concerned for the past 6-7 years.

Jake and I rarely watch TV and YouTube is defiantly my main form of relaxing and viewing pleasure, with numerous different genres of videos, fresh material daily and the interactivity between the content creators and audiences making it way more appealing than TV.

Above is a video trailer, released last week during VidCon, of a documentary movie made by and featuring some of my favorite YouTubers.
It'll give us an up close peek into the lives of 'vloggers' themselves and show why they have been so successful.
It's a step on the technology ladder and an amazing oppourtiny for all involved. Now get liking and sharing the trailer and get the attention of big distributors to get the movie into cinemas worldwide!!

Are you a 'YouTuber'? Do you create and upload original content or are you more of a subscriber and watcher?

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  1. I'm not into vlogging yet. Don't know if anyone wants to see my mug talking to them every other day!