Tuesday, 3 September 2013

OOTD - Couple O' G's!

Look who I roped into doing an outfit of the day! Goodness, it's a rarity because he's not a fan of being in front of the camera. Neither am I to be honest but needs must and all that jazz.
We'd both been pretty poorly with the flu the few days surrounding this little photo taking session but being the adults we are, had adult things to do so had to muster on. Getting washed, clothed and make up on is meant to make you feel better - or so my old religious studies teacher would tell me but I swear that's a load of fooey. So yeah, apologies if we look all icky and ill!

Jake is Wearing -
Cap - LRG
T-Shirt - Zoo York
Corduroy Trousers - H&M Men
Shoes - Nike SB Salazars. (Omar, not Slytherin.)

Jake sticks to the same jeans/tshirt/crew sweater everyday just different colours and varietys but is pickier than me when it comes to brands. 
All of my Mr's clothes get beat up so fast purely because of skating. Mainly his shoes and since we've been together (2 years) he's gone through 5 pairs! Hats is another one - he had a whole giant collection of them, but when wearing them for skating and obviously, sorry if you're grossed out, sweating in them the new eras shrink and the snap backs just get yucky!  

I wore -
Velour Hoodie - Famous Stars and Straps
Crop Top - Primark
Jeans - Bench
Studded Belt - Lowlife

Now if you know me you'll know my views on crop tops. I hate that they're 'in' because even people who are on the more cuddly side are dressing to fit the trend and not to accentuate their body in the right ways. Some sights I've seen have been downright offensive to the eyes. By all means, call me out on this, I know my washboard stomach isn't back yet but I had to break my views on the style for the amazing print, I mean come on - it's DISNEY.
The jeans are probably nearing 8 years old being one of my teenage 2 for £55 purchases from Republic and the belt is from one of my many ridiculous teen phases too...

Hope you enjoyed another little twist for this OOTD, let me know your thoughts and if you would like to see more. Oh and what do you think of the crop top trend??

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  1. Came here from your latest outfit post and had to comment when I saw it was Disney again ;-) especially Bambi! Bambi's been my nickname since I was 2, my whole family and my close friends call me Bambi, or Bambs hehe :-)

    I LOVE crop tops, they're my fave! Mostly because I always wear high waists on the bottom half. I love cropped jumpers most of all! xo