Thursday, 5 September 2013

Out and About - Wor Jackies Toon Trail

Before we begin on our image heavy tour of  'The Toon' I must thank, wholeheartedly, Karen of Tiny Bird Heart of whom without this post wouldn't be. You see I won this 'Treasure Trail' from Karen's post on her trail and I was so excited!
I adore things like this and so I couldn't be happier to of actually won something for a change to begin with, let alone something so much fun and up my street!

My parents were down for the weekend to celebrate Bakers 1st birthday so with Jake having a broken toe and it being a walking trail my Mam accompanied me instead. It began at Newcastle Central Station but we didn't quiet realize that it meant actually inside the station and had already made our way to our second destination across the road because of the excitement! haha Once we realized, retraced our steps and eventually found the first clue we headed back out to our 2nd spot to continue with our journey around Newcastle City Centre.

You know, the amount of times I visited town as a child, the time I spent here while at college and again since I have lived in Newcastle, not once have I clicked that there were awesome historical sights within the busy shopping streets and not just in the obvious locations and seaside towns.
Of course you know buildings and statues are there but when do you stop to look, read and think about what they are there for or were used for? This trail made me love and appreciate the greatest city in the UK even more :)

The name of the trail, 'Wor Jackies Toon Trail' relates to the man in the statue to the right in the photo above. His name was Jackie Milburn and was simply a Newcastle United and England football legend. Not only is the west stand in St James' stadium named after him but he also has two statues in memorium to him. The one above also at the football ground and the other in his birth and death place (also my birth place!) Ashington. 
The man from the other statue cannot be forgotten either and is probably more recognizable. Sir Bobby Robson. A true legend, amazing person and sorely missed by many.

Although, unfortunately we did miss a couple clues, most were really fun and easy enough to find out with the traditionally treasure hunt type directions and hints. For example the trail said to look out for a vampire rabbit! We continued down this dodgy back lane beside the cathedral until my Mam spotted it perched up there above the elaborately molded door way. You can use a text number to ask for help but for some reason it didnt work for us and so phoning Jake to pop onto Google maps was our last resort before retiring for some grub!

I hope you enjoyed just a little peek into my beautiful, colourful, historical city. I didn't want to include too much info about the trail so as not to ruin it but wanted to include a variety of the hundreds of photos I took on the day! I will definitely be purchasing one of the other trails for around my area and perhaps even some if ever we go away anywhere (especially Scarborough!).
To end here are just an extra few photos that weren't particularly part of the trail but were part of what we saw on our way...
[Day 237/365]

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