Friday, 18 October 2013

Bunny & Baker's Christmas Wishlists!*

Christmas shopping is so much fun when you're buying gifts for others, but it's even more fun when you're buying gifts for animals! There are so many cool things out there now to keep your pets healthy, comfortable, entertained and most importantly happy. Here's a small selection of some of the things I have my eye on for my little guys!

For Bunny.
[Top Left, clockwise.]
Noel Garland - If we all have holiday decor, why shouldn't Bunny?! Plus he LOVE's these gnaw garlands. He's gone through 2.
Hutch and Run Chalet  - This has been a huge want for a long time for  me  Bunny. Although he is an indoor rabbit, I think this little 'house' style hutch would look awesome stained the same colour as our wood furniture and give him a little more space than his cage for sleeping in. The slide out compartment makes cleaning out easier for me and the upstairs/downstairs would give him another cool little playground type of deal in his bedroom.
'Gingerbread' House Chew  - Any cardboard or paper in the house, Bunny will find it and eat it. This is perfect for his chewing needs!
Teach and Treat Game - This looks alot of fun and like it would keep little guy entertained for a while. He's pretty intelligent for a rabbit and obviously loves his sweeties so he'd get the hang of it no problem.
Vegetable Holder - Again, this would be good for stimulating Bunny while in his house. Instead of laying a carrot in his bowl this holder would keep him standing to reach it.

For Baker.
[Top left, clockwise.]
Dog Walking Belt - This is probably more for my benefit than Bakers, but it's the first thing like it that I've seen and it would be super useful on his walks instead of bulging pockets, full hands or a big backpack.
Slot n Lever Treat Game - Similar to the treat game I saw for Bunny, this seems to be one of the better dog versions. A lot of reviews for different games were brilliant but had comments from Collie owners saying it was too easy for their dog - this one looks sturdy and like it would give the B-man a little challenge.
Red Cord Mattress - A big boy bed, for a big boy. His huge brown bed that is in his cage is getting rather lumpy. This looks very luxurious!
Raw Hide Candy Cane - Raw hide is always a winner and I love candy canes so yeah.
Water Bottle Buddy - Has anyone ever seen these before?! I think this is amazing. Baker is forever pinching empty juice bottles from my bag or the bench and loves to play with them, which makes me worry about it breaking and hurting his mouth. This is cute and practical way to make it so he can still play with them.

Do you get your pets gifts for holidays? If you have a wishlist compiled too I'd love to see, so leave a link to your post in the comments! 

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