Saturday, 5 October 2013

Guess Who's Back. Back Again!

Yep, it has only been 4 short weeks since I posted this announcement but I have been missing posting since after just the first week. I bet you guys feel you've hardly had a break from me ;)

However, my short time away has given me the opportunity to completely overhaul my way of thinking about Underland To Wonderland.

When I first started it was simply a little corner of the internet to post photos and stories from Jake and I's daily life so that my parents, over 60 miles away, could keep up with what we were up to. Then it evolved into something that could house all my many opinions instead of just my head and finally turning into what it was when I decided to take a break.
I was too focused on the amount of views I got and how many followers I had when it really doesn't matter. Just like in school, I don't fit into the 'blogging community' and to be honest I don't want to and don't care.
Therefore things need to change. I want to use this as a platform to make people smile, inspire people, educate them and share things that matter to me (especially lots of photos of my babies)!
So as of tomorrow posts will change. Nothing to please other people, just to please me.
No effort-lacking posts or fillers. Only quality content that I am pleased to publish and this may mean less than regular amounts of posts.
I'm hoping to try and post once every 3 days but if work and life get in the way and I can't produce an awesome post - I just won't post! (Don't worry, I currently have 14 drafts ready to go and will keep building them up when I have time).

I hope you're looking forward to this new direction and that you like the slightly updated layout!

Best wishes to you all...did you miss me? :)

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