Wednesday, 16 October 2013

News That Made Me Happy #1

So maybe I'll seem a little slow on the uptake with some of these stories seeing as I'm not actually publishing this post for a few weeks yet, however I'm sure you'll still agree with me that this is all pretty good news!

New Harry Potter movie details released!
You heard me correct and to anyone who cares about this - I guess you did already know.
Yep, for everyone like me who cried when the last film ended and have re-watched the 8 movie box set countless times, our need for a Potterworld fix will be fulfilled. Get in! Entitled 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' will be about the author of the Hogwarts textbook of the same name, Newt Scamander. Set in 1920's New York it has been assured to be completely apart from the Harry Potter series as well as being the debut for J.K Rowling's screenwriting career.

FACT - The book within the book was published in it's own right and was also sold alongside 'Quiddich Through The Ages' in 2001 as part of a fundraising effort for Comic Relief. They stated that the total raised was over £17million.

Prince William Retires but Steps Up for Conservation.
Reading this story just made me admire my favorite Royal even more. If Prince William wasn't as sweet, kind and caring enough already after announcing his retirement from his RAF career, the Prince stated that this move is so that he can focus on Royal duties, the upbringing of his son and focusing on important issues (of which you will know why I am so made up about) like wildlife conservation.
He is said to of brought together influential conservation organizations to create Royal Foundation 'United for Wildlife' of which he is President.

FACT - William served 7 years with the Royal Air Force as an active Search and Rescue Pilot, completing 1301 hours of RAF flying hours and conducted 156 individual search and rescue missions.

[Image Source]

- Homeless for over 8 years, Glen James flagged down a cop to turn over a rucksack he had found containing over $42,000 in Boston. A touched member of the public, who had never even visited Boston before, decided to set up a fundraising page in the hopes to raise enough so that the homeless but amazingly honest man could buy a home all of his own. To date they have raised over $83k for Mr James. A very fitting thank you I'm sure you'll find. If you'd like to contribute, click here!

- Tim Harris a 27 year old man with down syndrome, is an inspiration to people with special needs everywhere. Tim entered the Special Olympics at age 13 in 5 different events. Throughout the years he has earned many more Gold medals than the likes of Michael Phelps and now owns his own restaurant! If that wasn't enough to make you beam, 'Tim's Place' is the worlds friendliest place to eat with an awesome item on the menu - Hugs!

- Four college football players received $50 store credit each in appreciation from a store manager. The guys entered the store with lights on and doors open but didn't realize it was closed. Instead of stealing, ransacking or getting up to general mischief, the guys got their items and left their money on the counter - waving to cameras as they left. Gentlemen still exist!

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