Thursday, 10 October 2013

Project 365 // 9/12

(I won't usually be posting on a Thursday, however this needed to go up this month and the schedule is full to the brimm. Hope you don't mind!) 

September! The missing month! Or it was on this here blog. Even though I've not been posting here I have still kept up with my daily photo and now have less than 80 days to go...!

However I did unintentionally almost miss a day and fail the project!
Most importantly this was the month I started my new job, got to grips with using the Metro system and despite all that, enjoy some time to myself/with my family. Stopping the blog was a sudden but easy decision and gave us the chance to relax, take family photos, I had time to read and Jake got to start going out skating again. We've even enjoyed many more lazy sofa days in front of the TV aswell :P

My parents went on holiday with old friends of ours and with having amazing technology like we do, Baker and I were able to skype with them which was brilliant as I usually talk on the phone with my parents everyday. Bunny managed to squeeze into the cuteness limelight too though when he enjoyed the fact that Jake got new shoes almost as much as Jake himself!

Other than all of that I also fell in love with my perfect piece of furniture that I've been hunting down for months now, do you think it's similar to the one I found for this olllddd wishlist post? Oh and I won another of Dave's competitions!

How was your September? Did you get up to much? Feel free to link your blogs below as I'm kind of out of the reading loop! 
To see the full size images head to my photo a day blog, theSweetness: 365, and maybe even follow ;) 

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