Friday, 25 October 2013

The Scariest Thing TAG

To celebrate the best holiday of the year I thought at the last minute that I'd squeeze this post into the agenda.

Scariest real life experience. 
There's probably something worse as it wasn't like completely totally terrifying but the wait and the flight up before my skydive was pretty scary. You can tell I was having a few issues by my face in the video! haha

Scariest paranormal experience.
I've actually had quite a few (and may actually dedicate a whole post to them at some point) but the one that springs to mind as the worse was from years back. My best friend of the time lived out in the countryside and we use to go rake about in the farmers fields or go on bike rides and stuff. Well we stopped for a rest by this random pasture type area that had a locked gate by the side of the country lane, bare in mind this was the middle of the day and light, and we saw a man standing leaning against the tree. In a blink of an eye he was gone. He hadn't acknowledged us and there was no where the could of slipped off to that quick so it obviously freaked us out and we bolted back to her house. What made it so scary was that when we mentioned where we'd been to her Dad he said that he'd seen a guy there and experienced something similar to us years ago when he was driving home from was weird because we hadn't told him about the guy. I promise you it was freakier in person!

Have you known anyone convicted of a violent crime?
I don't think so, not really. I've know of people who have been to prison for GBH but nothing too bad. Boring I know! But it's a good thing ultimately eh?

Are you afraid of the dark?
Very much so. Even in my own house I have to run across the room if the light is off or have my back to a wall.

Does your home town have any scary stories or legends?
I didn't know of any but I had a quick Google and found out that apparently one of the shops on the high street has a resident ghost/ex owner who likes to move things and walk about alot. There is also a story about supposed 'vampire' from the 1100s which you can read about here.

What is your favorite urban legend?
I haven't a clue of any or what 'urban legend's really are so obviously, as always, Google was my friend. Instead of finding a favorite urban legend I was led on the trail of popular urban legends (apparently) and whether they were true or not. This may not be spooky in-keeping with this tag but it settled my anger on a particular disgusting photo that had been doing the social media rounds - please be sure to check this out. 

Scariest nightmare.
I'm a totally mental dreamer. I have the most elaborate, funny, stupid, scary, pointless, weird and everything in between dreams. Included in those have been ones where I have been a murderer chasing people down with a shotgun, covered in spiders, witnessed my own Victorian-self attacked and so many more that I can't even pinpoint them. However this makes for another interesting possible future post!

3 favorite scary movies (Added by Me)
The Amytiville Horror (Original and remake).
The Reaping.
Shutter Island.

There we have it, a little more fun than last years post but feel free to check that out too ;) 
The Origins and True Meaning of All Hallows Eve!
If you do or have done this tag I'd love to read it and be sure to tell me your 3 favorite scary movies in the comments!

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