Friday, 8 November 2013

Drizzly Day Coastal Photography

It's been a while, 4 months (now five seeing as it was so long since I drafted this post - oops!)  to be exact since we've visited the seaside. I thought that seeing as I buy a weekly Metro pass for work that I may aswell whisk little B-man away for the day on my day off so he could relive his childhood fun haha.

For a dog he does really well on public transport but the noise of the Metro had him unsettled. I decided to get off early and go to the smaller bay where we took him for his very first beach encounter but when we got there it was empty minus a fishing boat and a mound of crab pots - oh and the above sign. I was pretty ticked off to find that the 'dog ban' was still in action until the 30th of September! How many family's would be building sandcastles and having picnics on a cold, drizzly, Tuesday morning in September!

Never mind. We enjoyed a nice slow walk along the coast - snapping photos with my dead battery en route - up to Whitley Bay North Shore. It was a bit of a shame that there weren't many birds around either, only further out on the rocks but there were some interesting things to photograph other than wildlife. The graffiti on the photo of St Mary's Lighthouse was pretty clever because you really are looking the wrong way if you are looking at that side of the street! The real St Mary's Lighthouse was undercover of the fog today but usually you would see it.

It was crazy to see how quickly the summer hustle and bustle has disappeared too...
Fallen leaves, shutters down, empty promenade. Hard to think this place would of been heaving just a few weeks ago. I think I prefer it quiet though and we really enjoyed our little walk together remembering life by the seaside as it's the main thing I miss since we moved.
I'll leave you with a photo of little man posing because I couldn't catch him for a photo while he was running around and enjoying himself.

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  1. Love the North East coast when all the tourists have gone, it's so peaceful! We quite often get the Metro to Tynemouth and then stroll down to Whitley Bay, it's so relaxing and the Winter sea air really blows away the cobwebs.