Saturday, 9 November 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

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Fenwick's Annual Christmas Window! 
An exciting tradition for many families at Christmas time is to take a trip into the center of the city and gaze at the intricate and magical animated display that fills Fenwick department stores windows.
This year (surviving against complaints that it offended other religions) is no different and after years of travelling down with my parents as a child I now live in proximity to of seen the awesome sight already. This year is the first time in it's existence it has actually been hidden away behind boards whilst shop 'elves' have worked away creating, with nothing more than the slogan, 'Something is stirring down in the woods' to give us a hint at what it would be this year.
Friday the 8th of November at 10.30 the window was unveiled and as of Saturday the 9th I will of seen it 3 times already! haha

As magical as always, 2013 see's Fenwick's 42nd year of decking Northumberland Streets Halls and will hopefully be around for many, many more to come. I love this years theme, especially the music that plays alongside it - An Enchanted Forest indeed!

If you're from the North East do you go to visit Fenwick's window during the holidays? Have you seen it yet or are you going to go? Are there other department stores and places that you traditionally go to in your area if you're not from my neck of the (enchanted ;P) woods?!

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