Wednesday, 20 November 2013

News That Made Me Happy #2

It's time for your monthly dose of good news!! Make sure to let me know of nice stories you may read in the comments or on my Facebook page :) 

African Students Invent Life Saving Soap!
33 times cheaper than preventative drugs an everyday item, a bar of soap, that not only repels mosquito's but kills the larva has been invented by students by the name of Moctar Dembele and Gerard Niyondiko. The Anti-Malaria soap known as Fasoap was awarded the $25,000 Grand Prize in the Global Social Venture Competition back in April, beating 650 competitors and leading Africa to it's first win of the competition! Looking to be a huge step in tackling the problems facing the disease, one of the main aspects of the product is that of it's residue in waste water killing off mosquito larva as the poor sanitation a predominant  source of the problem in Africa. 

China Take Steps To Cut Down Emissions.
Not before time, the ministry of environmental protection have finally raised the bar in trying to lower the air pollution or 'smog' after an 8 year old girl had been diagnosed with lung cancer in China. It is well know how critical the near opaque clouds of filth over the country are and although measures have been implemented in the past nothing has been drastic enough. Closing schools, cutting production hours and stopping outdoor activities during high pollution times should be points that Chinese cities will work on but most importantly the country hopes to work towards cutting coal consumption which currently accounts for producing more than 3/4 of their electricity. 

AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS! (and other creatures.)
- When an oncoming lorry headed for one of the family's children showed signs of being out of control, Geo sensed the boy was in danger and knocked the child from danger taking full punishment from the brutal collision. Geo is a German Shepard Collie cross and was an age from death due to his life saving act. With disgraceful injury's and a sky high vets bill the super dog (with the help of his loving owners) recovered fully and along with many treats sent from the likes of Pedigree and Wagg, scooped a shiny award for bravery from the IFAW!

"It's just a sport," he said. "Just because it's Division I college level doesn't make it any more important. Life is a lot more important than that, so it was pretty easy. It was kind of a no-brainer for a decent human," Cameron Lyle said. See Cameron had registered two+ years previously to be on the bone marrow register and at the beginning of the year he was approached as a match for a 28 year old with only 6 months to live. Giving up track and field he also stated that "I couldn't imagine just waiting. He could have been waiting for years for a match. I'd hope that someone would donate to me if I needed it.". 

Did this make you happy? Keep that grin lodged on your face and read some more good news HERE!

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