Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Not Just Another Family Photo shoot.

In an age of using mobile phones to do pretty much everything, I think taking time out to have professional family photos taken is more important than ever. After all a photo captures a moment in time, making it last forever.

In my Mam's house and my Nana's house there are tins, boxes and drawers full of old family photos and from being a small child to present day, rummaging through them has always been so much fun. I'd ask who the little girls in pretty dresses with curly hair in the black and white pictures were and be astounded that it was my Mam and her sisters. As an older kid I'd cut out photos of my family and friends and stick them in a scrap book to look back on and now I hang them on my walls, have albums full and carry them in my purse.
When I was little parents carried photos of their children in their wallets to show off when asked about the family, now people whip out an iPhone - I think the modern day way is a lot less meaningful.

See even if people still used film cameras, got films developed and sat on a bench outside Boots bragging about the amazing time they had in Majorca it would beat digital albums on Facebook 100 times over, bringing back proper communication and community involvement.

That's why taking updated portraits and getting them printed and hung on my wall is super important to me.

Just thought I'd let you know my thoughts and reasoning behind having recent portraits taken incase you were sickened by seeing yet another 'Updated Family Photos' post haha!
We try to take a full family portrait with Jake, Baker, Bunny and I in at least once a year because obviously it's difficult having a dog and a rabbit in one room. This year I photographed Jake with Baker and then used the self timer to capture a shot of Bunny and I together before patching them together on Photoshop. Ta-Da!

It's awesome looking back at last years photo and seeing how different we look. Jake seems to think he looks older but what bothers me is seeing that my little princess Nike is there and is missing now :( how the times change eh? Making these memories frozen in time my pride and joy.

Do you take family photos or go to a studio and get them done?  And do you include your pets?!

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