Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Furry Friend Tag!

Yet another 'tag' post that I've found floating around the internet and thought highly fitting to my blog. Instead of getting to know me better, why don't you get to know my pets better?! (FYI - #R = Rabbit and #D = Dog as I didn't want to include one of my dudes and not the other.)

1. What is his/her name?
#R His name is Bunny!
#D His name is Baker! 

2. When did you get him/her?

#R June of 2011. 
#D 7th of October 2012.

3. What is something he/she does that annoys you?
#R Chews on the bars of his cage at silly O'clock!
#D Puts his toy on my laptop keyboard while I'm on it!

4. What type of breed is he/she?

#R An English Spot rabbit.
#D A Border Collie / Lurcher cross. 

5. Has he/she ever had a near death experience?

#R Sort of actually. When we also had his partner in crime Nike, she passed away suddenly in the middle of the night from a night terror and we were very, very close to losing him too we thought as he was in shock. He couldnt stand or get up off his side at all. I had to hand feed him water and sit with him in the sunlight. He took a couple of days but came back round thankfully.
#D No, thank goodness. 

6. Does he/she know any tricks?

#R He responds to his name, gives kisses when asked and can go to and sit on a spot that you ask him to!
#D Not tricks so to speak, he was a quick learner however and had the basics down in the first couple months.
Now he does do paw, other paw, high five, and all that jazz but something I think is pretty cool is if you shout 'Help, help!' he runs to find you and howls. Alternatively if your under something like a blanket or duvet and shout help he'll dig you out then lick your face to make sure you're okay. Oh and most recently he's started to look right and left before crossing the road :) 

7. Does he/she love to snuggle?

#R Occasionally. When he comes out to play he likes to run from room to room, hide under our bed with any treats he might have and chew on any paper/cardboard (we still have boxes from moving in) he can find more than snuggling - that's his last priority. 
#D Sometimes aswell. More than Bunny for sure. There was a little while when he was small that I had to sleep on the sofa with him and he still loves to cuddle into me to sleep. 

8. Where did you get him/her?

#R Regrettably I did buy him from a garden center and didn't adopt. However, I had been told bad things about the treatment and source of animals at this particular place and wanted to 'rescue' one in my own way.
#D A local guy's dog had had a litter and as it hadn't been planned he needed to find homes for the pups as soon as possible otherwise it would of been a shelter for them. We went to have a look at them and cutting out the middle man ended up adopting little man then and there.  

9. Does he/she get along with other dogs?

#R Well Bunny is a rabbit of course so doesn't play with many dogs! As a neutered male he does/did enjoy the company of other buns but he just likes to wind Baker up as he is slightly intimidated by Bunny. 
#D Oh yeah. As soon as he had been vaccinated we had him out and socializing everyday and although he started out being quite weary  now he just wants to play with most dogs that come his way. He likes them to chase him for some reason.

10. Does he/she get along with strangers?
#R Of course. And give him one of his special sweets or some fruit and veg and he'll follow you like a shadow.
#D Pretty much. Out in public he lets people pet him and stuff no bother but if a new person comes into our garden or house he's very vocal until I reassure him that they are okay. There is the odd person he just shows an automatic dislike to, cowering away or barking but I trust his judgment and they're probably not nice people anyways ;) 

11. How much does he/she weigh?

#R The average rabbit weight? He's not over weight in the slightest though as I'm obsessed with keeping him healthy. One of my old childhood rabbits had to be put down as she was too big :(
#D No clue! He's light enough for me to be able to carry him like a toddler on my hip though.

12. Do you ever dress him/her up?

#R Only ever done this to him...

#D Never. I don't agree with putting clothes on animals, they have fur for a reason. The most he's ever had on is a pink bandanna when we did the Race for Life.

13. Has he/she ever tried to run away?

#R + #D He's never had a chance to. 

14. How did you come up with his/her name?

#R Confusion over the first year of his life about what sex he was lead to giving him a unisex name that was due to change when we discovered what he was. He answered to Bunny and it was cute so it stuck.
#D It's my favorite skate company and with Jake being a big skater it had to be something to do with the sport. His middle name is also the name of my favorite skater - Antwuan. 

15. How much does he/she mean to you on a scale of 1-10?

#R + #D Infinity. They literally are my children and I adore them with every bit of my heart. They mean more to me than most people in the world. 

So yep, that's the furry friend tag! I hope you enjoyed and learned a little more about our 'kids'. Feel free to do the tag yourself and post a link to it in the comments below! 
Oh, by the way, if you didn't know I have a YouTube channel and it's mostly full of Baker and Bunny being cute and funny - check it out! 

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