Friday, 1 November 2013

Who Do They Think You Are? #1

Oooh a new series! Yep! The idea for this came to me while on the Metro to work and me sitting thinking about this judgmental-ness while an old lady frowned at my chest tattoo. I thought if you really knew me, it wouldn't matter if I had tattoos and wore a hoodie or not.  As soon as I got home and messaged a few people from my Facebook friends list and then I knew I had to do it as the response was so awesome.
The point, pretty much, is a bit of a social experiment to see how people judge others upon first sight. Alot of people stereotype what type of music you would be into or the things you like to do purely by clothing style or whether you have any body modifications or not etc.

To start this series off of course I'm gonna begin with myself.
I sent this photo to a few friends and got them to ask someone else who had no clue who I was what they thought, here are the results.

A 50 year old Female thought this -
Name: Lucy Age: 24 Occupation: Bar Maid
Location: Lancashire
Hobbies include: Salsa Dancing, Badminton, Reading.
Musical Taste: Indie music, like the Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys.
Other: She looks like a very bubbly, friendly but hard working person who likes to go out drinking and socializing. I think she also may like shopping and singing!

A 21 year old Male thought this -
Name: She looks a bit like a Shelly? lol or a Janice.
Age: 26/27
Occupation: Something artsy. A musician or a bar maid in a club. Location: Newcastle or Leeds.
Hobbies include: Some kind of instrument, boozing and I dunno. This is really hard! You can't really judge a book by it's cover, guess that is the point of all this! Musical Taste: Punk Rock Other: She looks loud, speaks her mind and is a kind of 'love her or hate her' person but she's probably a really lovely lass. Maybe she could be a tattoo artist or some kind of beauty stylist going by the style of the hair and eyebrows and the chest ink!

And my real answers are obviously -
Name: Danielle Age: 22 Occupation: Retail Assistant Location: Newcastle, UK.
Hobbies include: Visiting Museums and animal sanctuary's, Photography and blogging, spending time with my pets and family.
Musical Tatse: Mainly Hip Hop and rap, some old school dance, trance, ska and punk rock. Other: I am a friendly and approachable person although not overly loud, who likes a quiet life away from busyness and confrontation. I do not drink or like to go out at all and have strong views on animal cruelty, having completed a skydive to raise money for an animal sanctuary.

Funny isn't it?! It really makes you think how different people in everyday life will perceive you either from first glance or encounter. Hence proving that first impressions are a silly thing to judge people by.


  1. What a fab idea! We do make so many judgements based on appearance - I'm not sure I'm brave enough to be judged tho!

  2. I realise I'm coming to this very late but...realised I hadn't added you on bloglovin/blogger so was having a nosy round. I love this idea! You're so right that people always have a preconceived idea about you, even if it is just what music you listen to. That's always been a big one for me, people always think I'd like pop music and always raise their eyebrows when i tell them that actually I'm into Hip Hop/RnB/Rap.

  3. This is an amazing idea Danielle! I would happily participate in your experiment if you like :)