Wednesday, 11 December 2013

6 Original Gift Ideas...With A Twist!

What to get the person who has everything? Something for someone else.
This holiday gift guide is a little different to the majority that are floating around just now. These are gifts that give.

Not only are there many, many, items out there you can buy that donate a percentage of the sale to a charitable source, but there are gifts you can buy that go directly to a worthy recipient in the name of the person you are buying the gift for. 
Below is a small collection of possible presents that I hope you consider as a unique and caring option this Christmas.

1) Pets for Vets is an organization which helps Veterans find shelter pets to be long term companions. The animals can help with post traumatic stress as well as the obvious benefit of curing loneliness.
This gift has different options, you can either donate towards the adoption cost of the pet itself, feed it for a month or provide treats and toys. You're money goes towards making TWO beings very happy and I think that is totally awesome.

2) A unique, pretty, fabulous piece of jewelry made from guns or bullets with a donation going to help those who have been effected by gun crime. An original concept, although for bigger budgets.

3) This one is simple and has been around for years. Adopting an animal in someone elses name - my personal favorite option. This one is through the Born Free foundation and is a monthly payment from only £2.50. You get an awesome adoption pack too!

4) A lovely, sentimental gift benefiting disabled individuals who actually make the product. These quilts are made of your very own T-Shirts preserving memories in way that is practical and trendy. This flow chart showing the economic and environmental benefits should convince you to gift this to a loved one these holidays.

5) Similarly to #3, the WWF also offers animal adoptions, however they also accept donations for things such as training sniffer dogs to track illegal animal parts being smuggled, buying seeds to help replant forests and only £25 could pay a Rhino Protection Unit ranger's salary for 10 days!!

6) Last but not least is a gift that can help a family earn a sustainable income or help to feed themselves. Gifting animals is reasonably priced and help multiple children and their families.

So okay, not all of these presents let you hand something over physically on Christmas morning which may be a little off putting when thinking about exchanging with someone else. They are great for the charitable people in your life though, animal lovers and do-gooders. The feel good factor as well as the last minute convenience make gifts that give an option to highly consider in replacement of the boring socks and smellies combo! 

Other similarly sweet websites to check out are as follows:
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  1. Really LOVE all these ideas!! These are ideas that if gifted will definitely keep on giving. I think I love the first idea the most as I have an especially soft spot for veterans.