Friday, 20 December 2013

Life Lately // December 2013

In general, working. Although I'm always working at some point, with it being the season to be jolly I'm (gladly) working more hours. I've also been down to help set up a new store that is opening in, dare I say the word, Sunderland... though I actually quite enjoyed it.  Although I'm not even working anything like I used to, I still feel like that I'm only working and sleeping. 

Cliche I know but I'm thinking that I can't believe it's almost 2014. I swear the year I've turned 23 has just rocketed past but at least after becoming the age of my lucky number things have gotten better for us. 

Our new home! Yes, I know, everyone was like 'What? You're moving again?!' and believe me it was the same for us. Our last move was planned to be the last move for a long, long time but with getting jobs at the other side of Newcastle, paying over £100 in travel between us a month and having a bad neighbor situation with almost every house surrounding ours, it made sense to get out of there. 
Now we have a 15 minute walk to work, no strangers banging on our door in the early hours of the morning demanding people who didn't live there and Baker can actually run about in our garden! 

All of this wind and rain and the amount of people that are willing it to snow! Noooo! It's cold enough without snow and it only 'causes inconveniences. Baker does love it but that doesn't way out the cons. 

Other stuff
- While at work one Sunday I left the webcam rolling to see what Baker does when he's home alone. To our surprise while trawling through the 5.5 hours of footage we were pleased to see that he was perfectly fine and a very good boy. I suggest everyone who leaves their dog home alone for any period of time do this as it's a big weight off my mind now knowing that he's comfortable with his own company. 
- Poundland has really helped me this Christmas by doing some actually really lovely decorations for (obviously) only £1! With a bigger living room I need more festive decorations and I've been presently shocked at how non-tacky some of their items are.
- A couple of my friends and I actually got the same day off as each other so we got to go Christmas shopping and to the cinema to see Frozen! I loved it! 

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