Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lush Lust List!

Trying to stick to only using cruelty free products is always hard so I like to just stay true to a few key brands - Lush being a main one. 
I've tried many different products from lush, alot of bath bombs, bath melts and have my favorites (Snow Fairy! Hello!) but I'd really love to try some different things and of course re-purchase some old tried and tested favs... Here's what I bookmarked from the Lush website.

1 - Stepping Stone Foot Scrub - Since starting work I've obviously been on my feet way longer than usual and they hurt! This is apparently refreshing and I could do with a good scrub at the end of the week!
2 - Ceridwen Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt - I like the sound of this bath melt being in a 'bag' that you can use to wash over your skin...exciting.
3 - Each Peach Massage Bar - This product is an old favorite in our house and has now been 're-invented' to be, judging by the reviews even better than the original formula. Once I get my hands on one, I'll let you know what Jake thinks after a back massage!
4- Figs and Leaves Soap - To be honest the fact that this has leaves in is the selling point to me as I'm not too sure how figs even smell. I like the 'exfoliating seeds' aswell.
5 - Tiny Hands Solid Hand Cream - Cocoa Butter + Shea Butter. Yes please!
6 - Tea Tree Toner Tab - A regular Lush purchase of mine but never fails to sort my skin out when it gets icky. I'd like to start using it regularly to keep my skin in good shape.

7 - Flying Fox Shower Gel - I clicked on this on the website because of it's name, then I read it has honey in it! I love that smell. It's apparently meant to be good to use for calming PMT, which I totally don't get.
8 - Jungle Solid Conditioner - Another thing I've used previously but I'd like to try again.
9 - Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter - My go to body butter is the Soap and Glory one and before that was the Body Shop cocoa butter one (before they were bought by an animal testing company!), it'd be cool to try something that has little granules to scrub while moisturizing.
10 - Aromaco Solid Deodorant - I'm all about the solid forms of everything at Lush and no one wants to smell so yeah. (Since drafting this post many moons ago I did infact use my birthday money to buy this to try out in combination with the Vanilla Puff powder. It's actually pretty good!)
11 - Soak and Float Shampoo Bar - 'New' was too cinnamon-y. 'Godiva' too drying. So this bar's natural antiseptic ingredients sound interesting for my next tester.
12 - Fresh Farmacy Cleanser - Spot on for spot prone skin! Like mine.

Have you tried and loved any of the above? Or would you recommend I stay clear of any of them? 
What about your favorite products from Lush? 

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