Friday, 13 December 2013

Project 365 // 10/12

Ooopss! I apparently seemed to of forgotten to post a monthly summary of one of the funnest months this year so far...

After announcing my return to the blogosphere after the shortest of tiny hiatus' I was thrilled at all the lovely comments and well wishes I received from readers and friends alike.
I soon got back into the swing of things but with a little change of a new outlook and some cool new series! Feedback about those has been a little sparse but (with no offence meant) I now couldn't care less about pessimism and bad comments - I like my posts and that's all that matters. Though I am very grateful and encourage the type of people who appreciate and relate to the positive and inspiration vibes I'm trying to create.
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October also happened to be my Birthday month and this year was the monumental year that I turned 23. My favorite/lucky number and best birthday so far. I've never been popular, hardly had friends and so this year I was overwhelmed to be called to the office during my shift at work and given some beautiful flowers, chocolates and a card. If that wasn't enough two girls I'd made friends with on a course both bought me additions to my Disney Store Soft Toy collection which was very thoughtful indeed.

This was the month where we found our new flat and began the cleaning, packing and moving process too. I took photos of our view and the living room etc as memories of the good things that we had while living there.

After all of that we ended on a high when we had to dress up for Halloween at work. I think everyone went to such amazing effort and when customers were giving compliments you knew it was a good idea!

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