Monday, 9 December 2013

Project 365 // 11/12

All around a pretty awesome month! If you keep up with my daily photos, I'm sure you'll agree this was a very busy month for me compared to the rest of the year haha.

From the move becoming official, the month sped up as packing, cleaning and paperwork became priorities.
However I made time for the important things, people and even a little socializing unlike my usual routine.

I went shopping with my Mam for a very special little boy somewhere out there who I don't even know and filled a shoebox full of treats for him this Christmas. I also gathered together a little hamper of treats for our local PDSA branch as a special thank you for their treatment of Baker when he got his big boy operation and finally received my sponsor pack from the Dogs Trust!

A definite highlight was seeing this years Fenwick's Christmas Window and taking lots of photos of it! Oh and I can't go without mentioning a brilliant day spent with a good old friend who I hadn't seen since high school.

The month was rounded off nicely by settling into our new home. There will be more to come on that eventually :)

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