Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What's In My Shoe Box || Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child, or the Shoe Box appeal, is a very important program that has reached out to over 100 million children, from over 130 countries, since 1990 by the Samaritan’s Purse.
If you are like me you'll be familiar with the cause from your participation when you were a child yourself in school, for me Primary school (which was quite a long time ago now!) It was always so much fun to pick what out things for a little girl like me. That's why when customers I served at work mentioned items they were buying were for a shoe box gift, I knew I wanted to do one again too!

I decided that as alot of people I'd spoken to or read about were doing it for younger children and girls I was going to aim mine at an older boy. Say 12-14 years old. Me being me I also wanted it to be organised and matching so I took that into consideration while shopping...have a closer look at what I chose. 

For hygiene I grabbed the essentials - a bar of soap, some toothpaste and a pack of tooth brushes as well as including a small wash cloth and hair comb. Then I thought it a good idea to add a plastic soap container to store the bar without it getting icky and of course a nice wash bag to keep it all together. 
Onto toys and I thought any boy would always appreciate a ball to play catch or footy with and this is larger than a tennis ball but obviously smaller than a football to fit in the box. Yo-Yo's found their way in there too as a cool little extra of which the colours totally unintentionally matched the ball! Then finally a very trendy, cosy and grown up navy hat and glove set. 
The most thought probably went into this, the stationary section, as I didn't want to make everything too young with colouring books or anything and so thought a plain notebook along with pencils and colouring pencils could be used for sketching and drawing or for writing little notes and scribbles. There's a ruler, pencil sharpener, eraser and scientific calculator to play about with too, all kept together in a pencil case the exact same colours as his wash bag :) 

Oh, you can never forget a bag of sweeties as well. 

After my little shopping session I got all my bundles together, packed them away in their little bags and popped them in the Christmas decorated gift shoe box. I makes me feel so excited to be wrapping a present for some less fortunate, knowing that no matter what I picked they'll be appreciative. I only wish I could see their face upon opening it.
Have you ever done or have you done a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child this year? Sammie has! Have a peek at what she included here.
I know I will most certainly be doing another next year!
To find out more about the shoe box appeal you can visit the website by clicking HERE!

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