Friday, 31 January 2014

A Rainy Day Visit To The Home Town

As our hours have reduced at work, I decided to make the most of the extra spare time and head up to Berwick to see my Nana.
I get to see my parents fairly regularly as they come down by train to visit but my Nana can't travel far and seeing as I have no car anymore it's rarer that I get to see her. So Baker and I hopped on an early train and headed North.Half way the weather changed from the train window and it looked miserable! My Dad was meeting us from the station to go for a walk too - the weather doesn't bother me though.

Berwick Upon Tweed 'is a town in the county of Northumberland and is the northern most town in England, on the east coast at the mouth of the River Tweed. It is situated 2½ miles (4 km) south of the Scottish border' or so says Wikipedia ;) 

Recently the town has had a little fame in the form of the movie, 'The Railway Man'.

It's a town rife in history and is very beautiful when viewed from a visitors perspective. As an inhabitant of the town from birth and enduring many problems throughout my teen and so on years I began to loath it and had to leave through no choice of my own and I struggle to re-visit it through past fears but this walk around the historical walls, even in the rain, was lovely.

The walked served as a test run walk, as later this year I am planning a sponsored dog walk in aid of the Guide Dogs association and Baker gave it his seal of approval for the route.
13,000 steps later (I have a new pedometer app on my phone haha) we arrived home, soaked to the skin and in much need of a seat. My lovely Mam had earlier prepared some homemade lentil soup that we tucked into, Baker had a rest hugging into his Minnie Mouse and later he showed her to Nana!

Berwick is a prominent seaside holiday destination in the UK so it's possible you've been...have you?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Disney World // A Peek Into My Little Collection

On countless occasions over the past year or so I've said I'm going to and/or tried to begin to put together a post on my collection of Disney memorabilia.
By no means is it a gigantic hoard, I wish! But the few things I do have all have individual memories and special meaning. I'd have way more if I could but you know the world and its restrictions (money)! 
Anyway, I finally got everything/the majority of stuff together and photographed so here it is. :)

My whole house is full and where ever you look you're bound to see some Disney, but when all together in a post like this it doesn't seem that much...
I have so many other pieces dotted here and there too though. Beach towels, slippers, dressing gowns, shoes, socks, little storage tins and boxes, sweeties, key rings, hair bobbles notebooks, not forgetting my tattoo and wayyy more but it would just be ridiculous to try and photograph. (And after putting this post together I realize a handful of my  other Disney clothes were in the wash! Boo!)
I'm constantly adding to my collection and am looking forward to October 2014 to hit up the shops at Disneyland!!!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Weekly Wondering // Week 17

I found this set of questions, '365 thought provoking questions to ask yourself this year', last year and bookmarked the webpage. After having rediscovered it I am answering 7 of the questions each week  until I complete the year. 

113. How do you know when it’s time to continue holding on or time to let go?
When you have to start trying. Anything that takes too much effort obviously isn't working properly. That and even the slightest bit of doubt. 

114. How do you define success?
Having completed ones goals to the highest of their ability. Being happy and stable. 

115. If someone could tell you the exact day and time you are going to die, would you want them to tell you?
Yes. So that I can make sure everything is planned out. The people I love are told so and the animals left behind are cared for. I'd also probably visit some places I wanted to and try and tick of a huge chunk of my bucket list. 

116. If I could grant you one wish what would you wish for?
That the whole world be like Disneyland. Happiness, compassion, fun, friendliness and everything else amazing. Everyone would get along and everywhere would be pretty.

117. What have you read online recently that inspired you?
THIS  about someone I'd love to be in charge of our country, 
THIS a selfless caring child,
THIS where someone chose to show how equality should work,
THIS dude celebrating his birthday like a BOSS! 

Oh there are too many things! I like to fill my time online purposely searching for inspirational and happy stories rather than depressing news.

118. Why do religions that advocate unity divide the human race?
Because religion is what is wrong with the world. It's the center of the majority of problems and is the most hypocritical, segregated thing to be apart of ever. Obviously it may not be true for every person of a certain religion but on a whole each religion believe they are right, having strict opinions on everyday subjects and that causes issues with people of other backgrounds and religions. To be truly united we all must accept that other people believe different things to us, have different morals and  live different lives. The main point is to respect.

119. If you could live one day of your life over again, what day would you choose?
Guuuhhh...whhhaaattt?! I'm 8507 days old (to be exact!) How on earth do I choose one day out of those?! 

Friday, 24 January 2014

News That Made Me Happy #3

There have been many, far too many heartbreaking and downright depressing stories on the news lately.

I hope that this 3rd installment of 'News That Made Me Happy' will restore some of your faith in the human race as well as put a smile on your face. 

Best Boss Award Goes To...

Now I know a few employers who have crossed the line of boss to help a staff member in need, namely, my manager but this story is just one of a kind.
This guy, Mr De Beyer of Texas is selling his 17 year old restaurant to help an employee in need. Brittany, 19, lost her father to a fatal brain tumor in 2000. Her and her mother work at Mr Beyers resturant and now unfortunately Brittany, who has no health insurance, has also been diagnosed with the very thing that killed her Dad. Her boss is selling the business to pay her medical bills. Dude.

Inspiration Of The Year 2013!
Admittedly not a fan of religious figures being the giant atheist that I am, this post completely made me fall in love with Pope Francis. This is the type of person everyone in the world should be looking up to and with him being a big figure in the media he is using his power the right way indeed.
Click here to read about all the good he did in 2013.

Ben Stiller Movie Promo Budget Given As Aid. 

The film maker hired to make a promotional edit for Ben Stiller's movie, 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' took his $25,000 budget and put it to better use. 

Giving Hope a Chance!
It's become an everyday occurrence seeing 'Missing Dog' posters all over the social networks and sadly alot are never found. However, here's a story to keep your hope alive.
Imagine getting a phone call 10 years after the disappearance of your dog saying they've been found. Well exactly that happened for this mother and son from South Wales, this month. A dog was found, scanned for a microchip and the family contacted. On meeting their long lost furry family memeber they said that, ''... as soon as we said his name his ears pricked up as if he'd never forgotten us." Read more on the story here. And make sure your pets are chipped!

Around the World in 1,426 days.
A huge inspiration to travelers everywhere and a real life Forrest Gump - Graham Hughes from Liverpool walked, taxied, bus-ed and rode on trains during the 1,426 days to visit all 201 countries of the world!
He came across a few bumps in the road including ending up in jail, to read the full story click here


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Who Do They Think You Are? #3

Meet this weeks stranger...
If you saw her in the street what would you think of her?

I showed this photo to a 24 year old female and this is what she thought.

Name: Zoe. She looks like a Charlotte or Emily too!
Age: 20
Occupation: Bar Tender
Location: Manchester, UK.
Hobbies include: Animals, Vintage Fashion, Irish Dancing!
Musical Taste: Indie Music
Other: She looks quite shy but likes to try new things. She likes experimenting with hair and make up and has tattoos.

Now here are the real answers from the photo subject herself!

Name: Kayley
Age: 24
Occupation: Supermarket Worker
Location: Newcastle, UK.
Hobbies include: Photography, Art, Live Music.
Musical Taste: Rock / Folk / Indie.
Other: I would say I'm weird in a sense. I always say what is on my mind even if it sounds crazy and I'm a big animal lover 'cause I loveeeee my kitty cats!

The judge this week got pretty close don't you think?! Did you guess anything correctly?
A huge thanks to both participants for joining my little social experiment and if you would like to know what strangers think about you get in touch either via my Facebook fan page or email!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Weekly Wondering // Week 16

I found this set of questions, '365 thought provoking questions to ask yourself this year', last year and bookmarked the webpage. After having rediscovered it I am answering 7 of the questions each week  until I complete the year. 

106. What does it mean to allow another person to truly love you?
Well to be completely honest I've left the question until the last minute. I usually draft these posts and have them ready to publish but seeing as I've gotten behind and it's due to  go up tomorrow my tired state combined with the deepness of this question means it is going to remain unanswered :)

107. Who or what do you think of when you think of love?
These answers are becoming extremely repetitive as of course any mention of love is going to end in the words, Jake, Baker, Bunny and my parents. 

108. If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?
The name of this blog: Underland to Wonderland. And it would end just in that way.We've had ups and downs, like anyone else, although I feel for our age we have dealt with quite a few difficult situations and so Underland (from the 2010 Tim Burton Alice movie) describes where we have been. Wonderland is obviously where we are striving to end up and where we are working so hard to get to. 

109. What would you not give up for $1,000,000 in cash?

My family and pets. No money is worth a life. Nor would I give up my morals. I'd give up chocolate though and I love chocolate!

110. When do you feel most like yourself?
Most of the time really.  Although I'm strangely most comfortable when barefoot and with my make up applied, preferably in the middle of nowhere - although not always all at the same time...

111. When you help someone do you ever think, “What’s in it for me?”
No! Never. And it's rather sad to imagine anyone who would. Surely the feeling of having helped someone is reward enough. That sounds really insincere but it's true.

112. What is your greatest challenge?

As of late, this Weekly Wondering series!

Friday, 17 January 2014

My Non-Resolutions, Resolutions!

I am in no way one for doing things how everyone else does, especially when it comes to this matter.

The 'New Years Resolution', actually dates back to the late 1800BC - I bet they didn't stick to their 1st of the month self improvement promises either.
However, the Babylonians actually vowed to pay debts and return borrowed possessions, to their God rather than loose the extra winter belly rolls.
The Romans also made promises to their God,  Janus, at the start of each year and to confirm their commitment, Medieval knights took a vow at the end of each Christmas period. 

Now after reading that doesn't that make your resolutions a little inadequate? Yeah, mine too! haha 
So to make myself feel a little more up to par with Knights and Romans I am going to answer the following points that I've thought up with utmost integrity.  


My Proudest Moment in 2013.
I suppose I'll have to say Jake and I re-entering the world of (almost) permanent employment.
Although our jobs are not 100% safe with being in a 'temporary'/waiting to be made permanent store and only working part time, it is of course way better than being jobless.
We had both worked from the age of 15 and through no fault of our own fell victim to the career crisis facing the country (or world really) in recent years.

A Time When I Disappointed Myself in 2013.
Trusting people I shouldn't of. I lowered my guard and made friends with someone I would never do normal which, of course, ended up very badly for us.
I'm the type of person who can't say no very well and will do anything to help and support someone should they need me. I am disappointed in myself for having not trusted my initial judgement and stayed a social hermit, although I don't regret it as we have ended up better off in the long run.

General Happy Highlights from 2013.
There were actually a few. I met some lovely new people on some of the courses I took part in, some of which I have kept in contact with and others who's company I enjoyed at the time. The friends I've made, along with some old friends that I have reconnected with have been very supportive, caring and more surprisingly generous - which I am not at all used to and cannot express how much I appreciate.
Other happy things were moving house (both times initially even if the first one didn't work out), completing the Race for Life again with my Mam and Baker this time and having a lush hot summer spent in a paddling pool!

What I Am Most Thankful for Last Year.
Above and beyond anything - my parents. They always are what I am most thankful for. I am so lucky to have a strong, supportive parental system and can't tell you how grateful I feel to have them still together. It's so common these days for Mams and Dads to be separated, especially for someone my age. Anyway, they are full of help, encouragement, support, love and friendship among so much more and Jake and I literally wouldn't be where we are without them.
Oh talking of Jake I am thankful to have such a good friendship and relationship with the poo head too.


Looking forward to this year.
Going back to Disneyland with my Mam! Mam and I have never had a break just the two of us and I haven't been on a family holiday since 2009 so it'll be good to spend quality time with my Mam away from stress and daily life. Not to mention I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! It's been 4 years you know :(. 

Am going to do differently.
I am going to be less trusting. I am going to try to be less emotional outside of my own home. And I am going to spend more time and/or arrange more outings and meetings with Jake and the true friends I do have.

Strive to achieve.
Playing a bigger part in alot more fundraising and charity events. Last year I only took part in the Race for Life, adopted a dog with the Dogs Trust, put together a gift for the shoebox appeal and gathered  a hamper of goodies for my local PDSA.
This year I want to do all of that plus more. I am already looking into organizing a sponsored dog walk to raise money for the Guide Dogs association and welcome any invites you may have to events - especially those involving animals. Oh, my Mam and I are going to do this too!

Other goals.
- Reduce my salt intake for my health's sake. It is the only bad thing I do but it's still bad enough.
- Start exercising more after my new asthma treatment starts taking effect and that is under control.
- Continue to spread positivity and inspiration though this here blog!
- Spend as much fun play time, if not more, with my two B-Boys.
- Keep my 'finances' (lol, money and bills) organized and under control.
- Perhaps be back into a position where I can have a car again.

Okay, I think that's enough! I'm fo' sho' going to do an update of my popular Bucket List shortly but until then this is what I'll be working on. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you indeed managed to read it all and I'd love to know your goals too so comment below! 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

YouTube Videos You Need To See #4

The title says it all really. Here's my monthly list of videos I have enjoyed and wanted to share. I'll let them do the talking.

A Tiny Frozen Fan, 'Letting it Go' in the Studio.

School of Rock 2 Please!!

Just More Proof That Animals Are Amazingly Intelligent and Caring.

A Life is A Life. Thank You Fire Fighters!

And an extra video this month.
Help this guy find the person who saved his life! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weekly Wondering // Week 15

I found this set of questions, '365 thought provoking questions to ask yourself this year', last year and bookmarked the webpage. After having rediscovered it I am answering 7 of the questions each week  until I complete the year. 

99. If you could ask one person, alive or dead, only one question, who would you ask and what would you ask?
I'd ask Walt Disney to give me a job. 


100. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
Either the affor mentioned or in animal care. 

101. What is your number one goal for the next six months?
With it being the new year and all I have a whole post about this years goals ready to go up on the 17th, although as cliche as it sounds I suppose my main goal will be to save money. Specifically spending money for when I go back to Disneyland! Eeeek!

102. Would you ever give up your life to save someone else?
I think I've written something along these lines before, but I'm not sure. I know it's sounds all heroic and loving to say yes but I really dunno what I'd do in that circumstance. I'd hope that if I was needed to, I could do what I had to but I'm a huge coward.

103. Are you happy with yourself?
Pretty much. I've had 23 years to find out who I am and get used to it so I'm pretty okay with it. Physically I'd like to get my teeth sorted out and of course always have a more toned stomach like I used to but overall I think I'm a good person.

104. What is the meaning of ‘peace’ to you?

105. What are three moral rules you will never break?
Drugs and alcohol are disgusting, unnecessary substances and I will not touch them.
I will not fund or partake in any animal testing or extreme cruelty. (To clear things up I am not vegan. I eat free range chicken, use free range eggs occasionally for baking and drink milk in milkshakes.)
Being unladylike, talking about filth and indecent subjects and dressing or acting in an inappropriate way will never happen. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

4 Viral Social Media Stories That Had You Fooled!

The internet is a dangerous place, especially when posting personal information and photos which can be taken, changed, used by others to embarrass or portray you in a bad light and now with the Facebook 'sharing' option, seen by hundreds of thousands of people and be taken out of context.
To prove the above point I have done a lot of research and gathered a group of images that have gone viral on social networks but are not what they seem. Feel free to share THIS on your Facebook and clear the names and stories up!

Vodka Puppy

First up is something that, obviously, upset me greatly when I first saw it. I thought that surely there has to be a news story online about it and looked it up to be pleasantly surprised at the actual story.
See I know exactly what puppies are like for playing with bottles and such, Baker still does it (although empty, plastic ones) and that is exactly what this little guy was doing.

After the photo had spread and gathered so much attention, Police stepped in and conducted an investigation as to who this man (being stereotyped and ridiculed for his tattoos apparently having something to do with him being a bad person - urrgh!) was and after a full inquiry the outcome was
that it was all a complete misunderstanding.
You can read the full police report here, but the long and short of it is that the puppy had been dragging the sealed bottle around the floor and the guy in question had been trying to pull the Vodka away from him. Going to show that a photo may be funny if you know the story but it can be very much misleading to others.

Nelson Luther King?

After the news of the loss of the late, great man that was Nelson Mandela had circulated last year, this tweet became infamous for its stupidity and ignorance two legendary figures and their places in history. It was believable though as Paris Hilton isn't known to be the brightest crayon in the box but it was, in fact, a set up to make the poor heiress look stupid. It came to light after Paris herself made a statement, that the tweet had never actually existed. Instead, the supposed screen shot had been created by the parody account @DeletedTweets.
Thus proving we are all at risk of identity 'theft'.

Bicycle Tree

In this case, the photo is posted by a page with an inaccurate description trying to gain 'likes' for their made up sentimental story. It's caption is along the lines of that the bike was left chained to the tree in 1914 but was never claimed by the owner as the young boy had gone off to fight in WW1.
Apparently, the story is nowhere near as interesting though, the bike having being simply abandoned by a guy called Don in the 50s. He received it as a donation after the family's home had burnt down but it was unwanted seeing as it was too small for him. It is almost certain by the way it grew into the tree that other people had a hand in moving it.

The Hands of God

He's real!! God's real. Look here is photographic proof! No, just no. All too many photos these days have been altered using Photoshop and the people who want to believe it share it and cause something that doesn't exist to be trusted. 
This doctored photo was emailed in 2007 with the statement, 'I took this picture on Hwy 30, traveling to London, KY. It has given me strength in the times of trouble. I feel I should share it with the rest of the world. I hope it is an inspiration to you. It just goes to show what we already know.... We have a God and he's watching over us. I e-mailed this picture to News Channel 36. I was contacted by Meteorologist John James. He said that this picture of the sky is showing up, in all states, around the world. He wanted to know where I was from and where I took it. He saw a similar picture taken in Texas. He said this is amazing to him!'.

It has since been posted on Facebook in 2010 claiming to of been taken just before the earthquake that hit Haiti.
You can see the original image here.

Did you believe any of these images without thinking if they were the truth or not? Have you shared stories on social networks without knowing the actual origin?
I hope you'll think twice in future before taking part in internet 'Chinese whispers'!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What We Got For Christmas 2013

Generic 'Christmas gift haul' here! Enjoy. 

This year on Christmas day I had nothing to open in person as my gifts from Jake I already had! He got me a lovely little dog Pandora charm that looks just like our Baker to sit next to the J,D and heart that were already on my bracelet. He also got me a new pair of jeans, some underwear, Soap and Glory hand wash and moisturizer set and is getting an old photo of my Granda at a sheep market blown up to hang on our wall for me. (Since writing this he has also bought me another Disney Couture necklace and Disney agenda that will feature in my Disney collection post at the end of the month. )

Due to having to work over the Christmas this year we didn't get to see my parents until the 27th which is when we did our gift exchanging with them. 
As always, I got far too much from my parents for a 23 year old but I am obviously, immensely grateful. Among the goodies was a box of Lush products, 3 Disney charms for my Pandora, socks, leggings and a hoodie, some Minnie Mouse slippers, sweeties, Disney Classic DVDs(for my collection), some skincare items and of course my phone which I got in November.

My favorite gifts will forever be the practical ones, like health and beauty products and socks as I need and use them but begrudge buying them myself haha
Thank you Mam, Dad and Jake. Oh and I can't forget Nana who gave us money to fill our freezer and cupboards for quite a while.

It's kids that make Christmas fun, exciting and joyful or so most people say. It's true, but in our house it's the animals that light up our day - especially special days.
If I were the type that had no self control and didn't possess a sensible head when it came to money I could of easily bought out the whole of Pets at Home for my little guys but when they already have so many toys and treats I didn't go too mad at all.

From us Baker got a selection of Christmassy plush toys as well as a little sausage on a rope, a cracker filled with munchy treats, a doggy Christmas pudding and a stocking filled with a Giant Roast knuckle (not pictured as half demolished), Dentastix, marrow filled bone, poo bags (more for me than B-man!) and a chewy starfish treat. Then from his Granny and Granda he was lucky to get a lovely new 15kg container for his food, a selection of treats, a new ball launcher, a brush (which he hates!) and a lovely duck toy similar to his favorite toy from when he was a pup.

Unexpectedly, Bunny was so amazingly interested in opening and playing with his gifts, I was chuffed!
I'd looked into games and toys to stimulate a rabbit for a while and settled on getting him the Teach 'n Treat which was a great choice because he took to it immediately and actually did what he was suppose to with it. I also got him a rack to hang carrots/veg on as he has free reign of his room and hanging it somewhere for him to climb and get it is more fun that laying it in his bowl. The cutest thing ever was a tiny Kong especially for small animals, accompanied by a new fleece blankey and a stocking of wooden chews to complete his lot from Mam and Dad!
Then when Granny and Granda arrived my gifts were forgotten and he had a ball running through and sitting in a big tunnel they got him. He got a stocking of rabbit sweeties, some natural nibble sticks and a couple big bags of hay from them too and is loving playing with it all in his bedroom still.

There we have it!
A huge thank you to my lovely family and friends for gifts and cards from Baker, Bunny and I. We appreciate it all so much.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Weekly Wondering // Week 14

I found this set of questions, '365 thought provoking questions to ask yourself this year', last year and bookmarked the webpage. After having rediscovered it I am answering 7 of the questions each week  until I complete the year. 

92. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?
Well, to keep it relatively achievable I'll have to say something like visit at least one of the wonders of the world. The ones I'd most like to go to are the Pryamids, the Great Wall and Chitzen Itza. I know with having a little animal family and a partner who is in no way interested in travel it's unlikely that I'll make it to many of the numerous countries I'd like to explore, though I'm sure I'm bound to reach at least one in my lifetime.  

93. Why are you, you?
Because I've decided that I am the best person to be. Trying to be someone you are not will always catch you up and being yourself will out. I am a 23 year old, drug and alcohol free, cruelty free, comfy clothes wearing, Disney obsessed, nature loving blogger. I am a mother to animals and that pretty much sums me right up!

94. If you haven’t achieved it yet what do you have to lose?
A roof over my head? The main thing that's stops any one being able to achieve the things they want in life is money and that is because money pays for you to have a home, heat, light, water, food, etc. A home is a huge part of life and so is a big loss to take a risk on something you might not even accomplish

95. What three words would you use to describe the last three months of your life?
Busy, New, Fun.

96. Is it ever right to do the wrong thing?  Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?
No and yes. Obviously. Otherwise it wouldn't be called right and wrong...

97. How would you describe ‘freedom’ in your own words?
Being in a position to say, do, go, be whatever you want to with no scrutiny. However I also feel that you must have self control, respect and know right from wrong to be completely free. Committing crimes and saying you are free to do whatever you like is contradictory because no one who is weak enough to break the law is free from themselves

98. What is the most important thing you could do right now in your personal life?
Keep focused working hard to better my career, whilst nit worrying about things I cannot do anymore to change. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

The Wanderlust Tag

1. Your most treasured passport stamp?
Whenever I've been abroad they've never stamped my passport, they don't seem to do it anymore unless you ask and they didn't even look at my passport when I took the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris in 2010, but that's probably most 'treasured' as it was my first time in a foreign country alone. 

2. Can you recite your passport # from memory if asked? 
Pfttt, no. Can anyone? My other half knows his national insurance number by memory which I think is weird enough!

3. Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or automobiles?

I used to be a great flyer, especially as a child. But after the 9/11 tragedy and it's coverage in the media it made me nervous. Now I just cannot accept how that much weight can just be in the sky!
I adore driving though, but will only enjoy being in a car or bus if I were the driver.

4. Top 3 travel items?
Mr Nikon of course, My Dakine Travel Organizer and music if I'm driving/ a book if I'm not.

5. Hostel or hotel?
I have never stayed in a hostel and don't plan on doing so. I'm far to scared of other people to be in such close proximity to strangers.

6. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
Usually I like to try new places but have been back to some places once or twice. For example Disneyland (lol).. I would live there if I could!

7. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?

I think it's cool to know what there is to see and do but usually you are at least a little aware of that side of things when choosing a destination. Having alot of history is most appealing to me though so I usually look for things like that.

8. Favourite travel website?
Well I'm not that much of a traveler!

9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name city & why.
It'll sound strange to some but my most favorite place I've visited is a little town named Tossa de Mar. It's small enough to be able to see all of it, close to Barcelona for excursions, has a beautiful Medieval Castle and walled town similar to my hometown. It being the first place to declare itself an Anti-Bullfighting city in 1989 is a bonus too! 

10. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?
Tomorrow? I think after thinking about the afor mentioned I'd stop of there, before going skiing in Italy again, volunteering in an animal sanctuary around Thailand way, spending a little time house shopping in and around Utah, checking out the political points of interest at the capital then having a little Disney break!

This has been sitting half done in my drafts for a long time, but now that I have filled it in I am dying to get away again! Regular readers will know I can't afford that so if you win the lottery please send a tiny portion my way ;) Just kidding! Though here's to saving for a trip somewhere this year!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Best of 2013 // Project 365 Review

Regular readers will be well aware from my monthly updates here that over at theSweetness:365  I have been documenting my year throughout 2013 in photographs.
Many times I've attempted to take part in such projects but this year has been the first year I have succeeded in completing everyday of every month - a full project 365.

Although rather difficult at times, having to overcome having no wifi in the home after moving or being away from my laptop and hence no photoshop, this photo diary has been way more beneficial than I ever thought. I've got a photo from everyday of the past year with a description of what I got up to that day and that is one of the biggest and best documents of my life I have. 
Here I have picked (or tried to settle on) the best image from each month with a little summary for each month. To see the full project, click here.

January   was spent doing lots of walking with Baker as he grew and alot more nature photography than the latter of the year. I actually caught this beautiful Roe Deer at the Gosforth Nature Park and can only hope to photograph something as wild and natural again in the future.

February   we got out and about in the car. Making the most of our location and enjoying everywhere from Whitley Bay, Seaton Deleval and Cullercoats beaches to Redcar (for a Skate jam in memory of a lost friend of Jakes) and Northumberlandia  land form, the largest female figure land form in the world near Cramlington. We also joined in on the internet craze that went down that month, the Harlem Shake!

March   - a slow month of job applying and being a home body, allowed me to spend quality time with my animals and  take what I didn't know would end up being the very last photo of our little Nike </3 I also got to visit my home town and have a nice walk at Cocklawburn beach with my Dad and B-man. It was the month I started to become more ill too and have lots of tests at the doctors, including a chest xray, an ECG scan, breathing and blood test...with no results.

April   came and kicked us in the teeth with the sudden and devastating death of our youngest rabbit Nike on April Fools day of all days and the death of my car too! Nike left a big hole in our little family and left me as the only female in the house. Bunny struggled with shock the first few days and we feared we were going to lose him too but lots of attention, cuddles, water and sunlight he came round. The car meant so much to me too, as it had been my Grandas previously - I cried as the man who bought it came to collect it.

May  brought the sunshine, fun in the sea and I took one of the cutest photo of Bunny ever! This was, sadly our last month in Blyth. The proximity to the beach, wooden walks and things to do that interested us was perfect for us but the need for work meant leaving to be nearer the city center.

June   was super busy! We were unpacking and sorting the new house in Byker out, hanging out with friends and family and I photographed these birds in the tree in our back garden having a squabble and my cousin before her prom. I got bit by a dog and ended up on antibiotics after a hospital visit aswell which took the shine off of the fun.

July  it got hot! It was a month spent sitting  in the garden with my feet in a tub of cold water and a big bowl of lettuce, carrot and cucumber or playing in the paddling pool with Baker! I did alot of home cooking, baking and cleaning too with my new (at the time) steam cleaner. Jake and I got to visit a Roman Fort for a date day as my parents were down to watch the dog then Baker, Mam and I completed the 2013 Race For Life the next day :)

August.  Bakers birthday month was filled with lots of, well, Baker! He met my friends from the course I was on and milked the attention completely, he went his first ever proper train journey with me to Berwick, he played with his Minnie Mouse with my Nana and had a fab birthday party with doggy cupcakes and bunting galore. This month also happened to be the month I signed a new work contract! I got my current job after finishing the pre-employment course :)

September   arrived and the summer seemed to of disappeared over night. If that wasn't bad enough I was diagnosed with asthma and given an inhaler to try out (it isn't strong enough but I still haven't been back to the doctors...). Unfortunately things do come in threes because this was the month that I kind of, sort of, failed the project! The cute pets, beautiful skies and the winning of another competition made up for it though.

October  was full of being spoilt as it was my birthday month this time and also the month Jake landed his job too! We ate well having pizza and even going for a meal together to celebrate his news. The gifts I received were overwhelming, I was so grateful to my family and new friends, then continued the fun with my work friends when we all dressed up for the Halloween shift. The beginning of the month sucked for little man as he had his big boy operation but by the end of it he was back running around like the nutter he is.

November.  A month of good news and good deeds! We got the news that the new flat was for sure a go ahead and moved in by the end of the month, which was of course the best news, getting away from a place that definitely lives up to its reputation. A highlight, fab moment was seeing this years Fenwicks Christmas window on unveiling day and taking lots of cool photos, as well as meeting up with an old friend I hadn't seen since high school!! In preparation for Christmas and seeing as I hadn't done any charity events other than the Race for Life, I put together a big hamper for my local PDSA and also had alot of fun doing the shoe box appeal.

December  is almost over as I write this and I can't express to you how much I appreciate having had partaken in this project. It's so amazing to be able to look back and see exactly what we have been up to on a certain day and have milestones and good days marked. I particularly enjoyed decorating for the festive season this year with having a mantel piece haha and although Jake and I's Christmas was eventful/horrible the days after spent with my parents ended the year on an up.

Pheww! If you got through all of that and are reading this - congratulations! Leave me a comment telling me how awesome you are for reading my dribble or you could even tell me your favorite moments from 2013 :)