Friday, 17 January 2014

My Non-Resolutions, Resolutions!

I am in no way one for doing things how everyone else does, especially when it comes to this matter.

The 'New Years Resolution', actually dates back to the late 1800BC - I bet they didn't stick to their 1st of the month self improvement promises either.
However, the Babylonians actually vowed to pay debts and return borrowed possessions, to their God rather than loose the extra winter belly rolls.
The Romans also made promises to their God,  Janus, at the start of each year and to confirm their commitment, Medieval knights took a vow at the end of each Christmas period. 

Now after reading that doesn't that make your resolutions a little inadequate? Yeah, mine too! haha 
So to make myself feel a little more up to par with Knights and Romans I am going to answer the following points that I've thought up with utmost integrity.  


My Proudest Moment in 2013.
I suppose I'll have to say Jake and I re-entering the world of (almost) permanent employment.
Although our jobs are not 100% safe with being in a 'temporary'/waiting to be made permanent store and only working part time, it is of course way better than being jobless.
We had both worked from the age of 15 and through no fault of our own fell victim to the career crisis facing the country (or world really) in recent years.

A Time When I Disappointed Myself in 2013.
Trusting people I shouldn't of. I lowered my guard and made friends with someone I would never do normal which, of course, ended up very badly for us.
I'm the type of person who can't say no very well and will do anything to help and support someone should they need me. I am disappointed in myself for having not trusted my initial judgement and stayed a social hermit, although I don't regret it as we have ended up better off in the long run.

General Happy Highlights from 2013.
There were actually a few. I met some lovely new people on some of the courses I took part in, some of which I have kept in contact with and others who's company I enjoyed at the time. The friends I've made, along with some old friends that I have reconnected with have been very supportive, caring and more surprisingly generous - which I am not at all used to and cannot express how much I appreciate.
Other happy things were moving house (both times initially even if the first one didn't work out), completing the Race for Life again with my Mam and Baker this time and having a lush hot summer spent in a paddling pool!

What I Am Most Thankful for Last Year.
Above and beyond anything - my parents. They always are what I am most thankful for. I am so lucky to have a strong, supportive parental system and can't tell you how grateful I feel to have them still together. It's so common these days for Mams and Dads to be separated, especially for someone my age. Anyway, they are full of help, encouragement, support, love and friendship among so much more and Jake and I literally wouldn't be where we are without them.
Oh talking of Jake I am thankful to have such a good friendship and relationship with the poo head too.


Looking forward to this year.
Going back to Disneyland with my Mam! Mam and I have never had a break just the two of us and I haven't been on a family holiday since 2009 so it'll be good to spend quality time with my Mam away from stress and daily life. Not to mention I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! It's been 4 years you know :(. 

Am going to do differently.
I am going to be less trusting. I am going to try to be less emotional outside of my own home. And I am going to spend more time and/or arrange more outings and meetings with Jake and the true friends I do have.

Strive to achieve.
Playing a bigger part in alot more fundraising and charity events. Last year I only took part in the Race for Life, adopted a dog with the Dogs Trust, put together a gift for the shoebox appeal and gathered  a hamper of goodies for my local PDSA.
This year I want to do all of that plus more. I am already looking into organizing a sponsored dog walk to raise money for the Guide Dogs association and welcome any invites you may have to events - especially those involving animals. Oh, my Mam and I are going to do this too!

Other goals.
- Reduce my salt intake for my health's sake. It is the only bad thing I do but it's still bad enough.
- Start exercising more after my new asthma treatment starts taking effect and that is under control.
- Continue to spread positivity and inspiration though this here blog!
- Spend as much fun play time, if not more, with my two B-Boys.
- Keep my 'finances' (lol, money and bills) organized and under control.
- Perhaps be back into a position where I can have a car again.

Okay, I think that's enough! I'm fo' sho' going to do an update of my popular Bucket List shortly but until then this is what I'll be working on. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you indeed managed to read it all and I'd love to know your goals too so comment below! 


  1. Hi Danielle! Love the new look of your site. Especially the pic where you stick out your tongue.

    Seems like you have a list of great goals here. I'm sure you will do well. Hope you have a terrific 2014!

    1. Oh, I'm awful - I can't leave the layout and design alone for more than a month or two haha.
      Thank you!

      All the best for 2014 to you! :)

  2. Ha, you changed your design again! I think that's the 3rd (or 4th?) time since I started following you. Looks great! I especially like the pictures of you and your family in the sidebar, they are lovely!
    Great goals and a wonderful recap of the old year. It sucks though that you got burned by a so-called friend. It's too bad that some people have the need to cheat. Just forget about them! They are not worth your time worrying about.

    My goals for the year are to become a better photographer, a better rider (horseback) and to keep writing. No weight-loss plans for this girl!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Lol Yep! I dunno what it is but I just can't leave it how it is. :P
      Thank you, I'm glad you like it! was a very bad situation forcing us to move house but I'll be more careful in future and definitely not bend my morals for anyone. I always tend to end up the worse off one even though I'm only ever trying to help others.

      Wishing you lots of luck with your goals - I'm sure you will more than succeed in them all. Also glad to hear of no weight loss! Here here!

      Thank you for commenting :D