Friday, 24 January 2014

News That Made Me Happy #3

There have been many, far too many heartbreaking and downright depressing stories on the news lately.

I hope that this 3rd installment of 'News That Made Me Happy' will restore some of your faith in the human race as well as put a smile on your face. 

Best Boss Award Goes To...

Now I know a few employers who have crossed the line of boss to help a staff member in need, namely, my manager but this story is just one of a kind.
This guy, Mr De Beyer of Texas is selling his 17 year old restaurant to help an employee in need. Brittany, 19, lost her father to a fatal brain tumor in 2000. Her and her mother work at Mr Beyers resturant and now unfortunately Brittany, who has no health insurance, has also been diagnosed with the very thing that killed her Dad. Her boss is selling the business to pay her medical bills. Dude.

Inspiration Of The Year 2013!
Admittedly not a fan of religious figures being the giant atheist that I am, this post completely made me fall in love with Pope Francis. This is the type of person everyone in the world should be looking up to and with him being a big figure in the media he is using his power the right way indeed.
Click here to read about all the good he did in 2013.

Ben Stiller Movie Promo Budget Given As Aid. 

The film maker hired to make a promotional edit for Ben Stiller's movie, 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' took his $25,000 budget and put it to better use. 

Giving Hope a Chance!
It's become an everyday occurrence seeing 'Missing Dog' posters all over the social networks and sadly alot are never found. However, here's a story to keep your hope alive.
Imagine getting a phone call 10 years after the disappearance of your dog saying they've been found. Well exactly that happened for this mother and son from South Wales, this month. A dog was found, scanned for a microchip and the family contacted. On meeting their long lost furry family memeber they said that, ''... as soon as we said his name his ears pricked up as if he'd never forgotten us." Read more on the story here. And make sure your pets are chipped!

Around the World in 1,426 days.
A huge inspiration to travelers everywhere and a real life Forrest Gump - Graham Hughes from Liverpool walked, taxied, bus-ed and rode on trains during the 1,426 days to visit all 201 countries of the world!
He came across a few bumps in the road including ending up in jail, to read the full story click here


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  1. What a wonderful idea. Reminds me of Russell Howard's Good News :) The video is inspiring :) x